NRCC Ads Hammer Vulnerable Democrats on Rising Prices

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The Republican campaign arm, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), released 15 new ads Thursday, slamming vulnerable Democrats for the rising prices of everyday goods.

The ads depict vulnerable Democrats who allowed the prices of goods to rise on their watch while having the wafer-thin majority in Congress.

In the ad specifically targetting Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME), the narrator stated, “We all feel it.” The ad then cuts to a clip of Fox Business saying, “from gas to groceries; consumer prices are soring.”

The narrator then stated, “Everything is more expensive. Democrats’ harmful economic policies are making everyday goods cost more. Tell congressman Jared Golden. We can’t afford this.”

The ad also shows graphics of the price of ground beef rising by 9.5 percent, milk by 11 percent, and bacon by 16 percent.

“Inflation is a tax on every single American and is a direct result of Democrats’ reckless spending. We are going to ensure voters know that Democrats are responsible for the higher costs they are paying for just about everything,” said the NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer (R-MN) in an emailed statement.

The NRCC is also running paid media against 14 other vulnerable Democrats:

A recent NRCC poll revealed that voters in the battleground congressional districts put more trust in Republicans than Democrats when looking at economic issues, such as rising prices.

“Overall, 70 percent are either extremely or very concerned about rising prices and the higher cost of living, and a majority.” Twenty-three percent also blamed the current “economic situation” on President Joe Biden, while 19 percent blamed Democrats in Congress.

Emmer on Breitbart News Saturday recently said, “there’s no question” that Biden and the policies from radical Democrats in Congress are the cause of rising prices.

During the interview, he torched Pelosi for holding the “bipartisan infrastructure” bill hostage in the House, adding that passing such bills could help the U.S. GDP grow faster, instead of waiting for the “bloated” bill from Democrats in the Senate.


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