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NY Mag: ‘Facebook Stopped Russia. Is That Enough?’

In an article recently published by New York Magazine titled “Facebook Stopped Russia. Is That Enough?” the magazine looks into Facebook’s latest efforts to prevent election interference on its platform.

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Facebook Delays Political Ad ID Checks After Complete Failure of System

Facebook has delayed its requirement for political advertisement purchasers to prove their identity, after users managed to cheat the system — purchasing ads indicating they were “paid for by” Mike Pence, U.S. Senators, and even ISIS — according to a report.

Turnbull wants Zuckerberg to answer questions in Australia

Report: Google, Facebook Earn 25x More from Political Ads in 2018 than 2014

As the November midterms draw to a close, the clear winners in the race are the social media Masters of the Universe who have generated millions of dollars from online political advertising. Digital advertising reportedly reached 25 times that of the last non-presidential election in 2014.

Top MEP says Zuckerberg 'must' face European Parliament

Twitter Announces New Policies for Political ‘Issue Ads’

Social media platform Twitter has released a new set of policies for “issue ads” which include political ads and advertisements that attempt to influence legislation. The company says news publishers that meet “specific criteria” will be able to apply for an “exemption” from the policy.