L.A. Times Column: Latino ‘Fury’ Could Cost Gavin Newsom His Job

Gavin Newsom (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
Justin Sullivan / Getty

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is losing among Latino voters — and one Los Angeles Times columnist believes it’s because of Latino “fury” at being taken for granted by Democrats for a generation.

Gustavo Arellano is no conservative: he traces his own political identity to his opposition to Proposition 187, a Republican-backed ballot referendum that restricted illegal aliens from using many public services. (It passed, but was later struck down by the federal courts.)

Still, he wrote Tuesday, the rage that he and other Latino voters is now directed at Newsom and his fellow Democrats:

Democrats learned to love the angry Latino voter and used our power to take over Sacramento; our reward was law after law passed to make life easier for immigrants in the country without legal status and create a larger social safety net. Republicans fearful of our righteous wrath did little better than put their head in the proverbial sand.

Now, angry Latino voters once again stand as judge, jury and executioner of California’s political future — but in a way few could’ve ever imagined. We just might be the ethnic group that costs Gov. Gavin Newsom his job.

California’s Latino vote isn’t a sleeping giant; it’s a cactus. We’re nourishing and hardy and bear delicious fruit for those who know how to pick it — but take us for granted, and we’ll cut you up good.

They would’ve had my vote then, but not now. But I’m angriest at Democrats. They had a quarter century to plan for the moment when angry Latino voters might turn their fury against them.

Read Arellano’s full column here.

Recent polls show that a majority of likely voters in California’s Latino community support recalling the governor.

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