Maskless Democrat Cindy Axne Complains About Iowa Fairgoers Not Wearing Masks

A maskless Rep. Cindy Axne, the lone congressional Democrat from Iowa, during an interview with a local CBS news station, complained about seeing droves of people not wearing masks at the annual Iowa State Fair.

During the interview, Axne on the fairgrounds around other fairgoers said she was “concerned” about the Chinese coronavirus spreading since no many people were wearing masks, even though the congresswoman herself was not wearing one during the on-camera interview:

Obviously, I’m concerned. I see tons of people here not wearing masks in confined environments. And I think what that is going to do is lead to more cases just before school starts, and that is going to be a really difficult proposition for our teachers and for our families. [Emphasis added.]

After the interview, the reporter noted masks are not required at the fair but recommended while indoors despite Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signing a law prohibiting mask mandates.

Interestingly enough, Axne, during another interview, was also filmed without wearing a mask either.

Recently, Breitbart News exclusively reported Axne is in favor of federally mandating masks for children in schools. During a video of Axne speaking at a town hall, the congresswoman said she would have to “check and see” what she can do about creating a mandate for children to wear masks in schools “at a federal level.”

Reynolds signed a law that prohibited Iowa school districts, counties, and cities from establishing a mask mandate, in May, which would guarantee anyone in the future from requiring masks at a local level, making it come from the state, the Des Moines Register reported.

“I am proud that we recently put new laws in place that will protect Iowans against unnecessary government mandates in our schools and local governments. As I have throughout this pandemic, I trust Iowans to do the right thing,” Reynolds said in a statement.

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