President Biden to Call on Schools to Set Up Routine Coronavirus Testing

Child Given Coronavirus Test
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

President Joe Biden is expected to call on schools to set up routine coronavirus testing — one of the several moves he is making on the pandemic as his approval ratings sink to historic lows.

According to NBC News, Biden is expected to call on all schools to set up regular coronavirus testing. Notably, in April, Congress appropriated $10 billion to states to set up routine testing in schools:

This move coincides with the calls from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recently instructed educators to teach students the “important lesson” of getting tested for the Chinese coronavirus regularly:

Notably, the CDC is also recommending that everyone — teachers, staff, and students — mask up, regardless of vaccination status.

The announcement is believed to be part of Biden’s grandiose action plan, which contains more stringent coronavirus mandates. He is also expected to sign an executive order requiring all federal government employees, as well as contractors, to get the shot.

Biden’s crackdown comes as his approval rating tanks on issues across the board. His approval on the pandemic has plummeted 12 points since April. All the while, a plurality of Americans believe the pandemic is only “going to get worse.” As Breitbart News reported, daily coronavirus cases rose by 300 percent from last Labor Day 2020, despite the availability of vaccines and prolonged mask mandates.

The Biden White House, however, has refused to take responsibility, blaming the bleak state of affairs on unvaccinated Americans.

“The reason we are here is because people have not gotten vaccinated, 80 million of them,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday. “Not because of any other reason.”


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