Exclusive — Max Miller: Establishment, Anti-Trumpers Can’t Mess With the ‘MAGA Movement’

President Donald Trump talks with Deputy Campaign Manager for Presidential Operations Max Miller, left, and director of the Presidential Personnel Office John McEntee, right, before his speech to the Republican National Convention on the South Lawn of the White House, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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Ohio Republican congressional candidate Max Miller — who was running against one of the House impeachment Republicans, Rep. Anthony Gonzales (R-OH), until he dropped out — told Breitbart News Saturday that establishment and anti-Trumpers can’t mess with the “MAGA movement.”

Miller, who former President Donald Trump endorsed, spoke to host Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News’s Washington political editor, announcing his retirement and now being the first of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump to retire. Miller raised more than $550,000 in the second quarter, and a Club for Growth poll found him leading the current congressman as well.

“This isn’t the first knee that [Gonzales has] taken since he’s been in Congress and capitulated to the radical left. He knew exactly what he was going up against. And that’s why he withdrew from the race,” Miller told Boyle. “I’m leading him by double digits, he saw that my fundraising numbers are just right behind him, and he knew that he was gonna have to fundraise ten times more the amount that I would have to just to change the narrative that he built around himself that he earned. He earned that narrative.”

“He saw the writing on the wall. And this is exactly what happens… when you mess with Donald J. Trump, President Donald J. Trump, and the MAGA movement, we’re going to get you out of the race,” he added, when talking about part of the reason that the congressman is retiring. “And if you would have stayed in the race anyway, we would have beat him. But he didn’t want to take that out. So you know, I think he made the right decision for himself and his family by getting out. But I want to say that nothing changes. I’m going to continue to go to these events. I’m going to continue to fundraise. And my game plan is still the same, run an effective campaign and put a stronger America First Republican in that seat for this district.”

Miller, when asked about receiving one of the Trump endorsements and being able to attend a rally with the former president, said there was “a ton of energy” and he was “honored” and “humbled” to receive it. Trump has been following through on his promise to campaign against any of the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

“When the president endorsed me to run for Congress, and I was the first one he endorsed, your right, to go after one of the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach him,” Miller explained. “But, what it means is showing the American people and the people who Ohio and in my district, that we’re not going to stop fighting. And his endorsement, as what I think everyone in this entire country in the world can see, is the most powerful endorsement in political history… We were able to push an incumbent congressman out only about eight months into his second term.”

Miller said that it is “unbelievable” that to push the congressman out of office in a short time, he believes that Americans are “going to see this across the country, with everyone that the President has back that they will be successful. And I hope that he runs again, so I can be one of his biggest champions in Congress, not only for him but for the people in my district.”

Speaking on why the ten Republicans even voted to impeach a president, who was not in office anymore, said that those “knuckleheads” did not do it for the right reasons. He called Gonzales’s “moral conscience” reason for voting on impeachment a complete  “load of crap.”

He added, “What they did is they took a purely political partisan vote, made it bipartisan to try to elevate their trajectory in politics. That’s a bad bet to take against the man like President Donald J. Trump, and they took it, they thought, like Anthony and others, that if they take this stance, it’s going to help them bring them to the next level, you know, they’re going to be, you know, the heroes of this country and of the Republican Party was you can see, they’re not heroes, they’re cowards.”

Speaking about the upcoming midterm elections and looking to take back the House and the Senate to get rid of the one-party Democrat control of Washington, Miller said there is a pathway and additionally adding, when he’s elected, he will be filing articles of impeachment on the first day he’s there.

“There is a pathway, and that pathway is to take back the house in 2022. And to take back the Senate,” Miller explained. “I’m going to tell you right now, day one in Congress. I’m going to file for articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for the atrocities that he committed upon this country and treason.”

In addition to filing for Biden’s impeachment, Miller said, “I believe general Milley should also be court-martialed underneath that same thing. But when I get in, I want accountability. I want to hold these people accountable. I want to bring them up to the Hill and ask them questions and find out what really happened, instead of the liberal left and the media covering for them at every step of the way. My biggest thing is I’m going after the squad and their antisemitic rhetoric.”

“We need to hold people accountable for the reckless actions that means the Biden administration and the racist and the bigots that we see on the left. But, you know, they only call Republicans, bigots, and racists, and all that nasty stuff. But if you look at what’s actually happening, the democrats harbor anti-Semites who don’t believe in one of our biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel, should be, you know, for the Jewish people,” Miller said, describing what he will do and calling it “completely asinine and wrong” which is why Miller is said he will go to Congress and fight for what is right.

“I’m going to hold these people accountable and make sure that we undo the damage that Joe Biden has done,” he further clarified. “We’re going to secure our southern border. We’re going to make sure that it’s easy to vote, but hard to cheat. That’s all that we want. These are common-sense policies that all of us are going to come and rally around. And the best part is… You’re going to have America First fighters in office.”

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