Biden’s Energy Policies: Fossil Fuels Powering the World but Not in America

A picture taken on September 16, 2021 in Cordemais, western France shows the coal-fired powerplant of French multinational electric utility company EDF, during a protest against the abandonment of the Ecocombust project which consists of replacing coal by densified biomass pellets. (Photo by Sebastien SALOM-GOMIS / AFP) (Photo by SEBASTIEN …

President Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels is taking its toll across the United States of America, putting thousands out of work by shuttering the Keystone XL pipeline and halting oil and gas leases on public land. Biden also waived sanctions on Russia so the communist country could operate a pipeline to Germany.

The courts stopped Biden’s attempt to stop producing domestic energy on public lands. But as the president and other green energy zealots continue to target fossil fuels, they are powering countries around the world, including coal, which has been attacked and eradicated from the U.S. energy landscape beginning with Barack Obama’s reign.

Economist Stephen Moore wrote in September about how coal is making a comeback everywhere but in America:

Bloomberg reported last week that because of high natural gas prices due to a reduced supply from the United States, Europe is “snapping up coal.” It’s cheaper now, and compared to wind and solar it’s a much more reliable source of power.

Euroland is also starting to give up on the green energy dreams that are still alive and well in the minds of American pols in Washington, DC. Great Britain and Germany have experienced soaring energy prices at the gas pump and in electric utility costs for homes, factories and businesses. Some relief will come from natural gas that will eventually be supplied to Europe via a gas pipeline from Siberia. 

Meanwhile, the nation with three times the population of the U.S. and the world’s largest energy consumer, China, is all-in on coal. The Daily Mail reported that China’s 1,000 coal plants “make a mockery” of any promises by Beijing that China will move to renewable energy. Coal is by far the largest source of energy in China, and new plants are being built every week. This is, as the Telegraph put it, “Beijing’s dirtiest little secret.” Despite those solemn pledges for China to clean up its air, the Chinese emit three to four times more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year than does the US.

And despite the energy renaissance that took place under former President Donald Trump, including energy independence, Biden begged OPEC to provide more oil to the United States.

The request was denied.

Moore cited a Wall Street Journal report that OPEC producers predict demand for their oil will at least double over the coming decades.  

Moore also wrote that thanks to the shale oil and gas revolution in the U.S. we have more oil, gas, and coal than anywhere in the world and enough to last for hundreds of years. And the U.S. also has the cleanest production of oil, gas, and coal.

Meanwhile, Biden and the left want to shut it all down by 2035.

And while Trump oversaw the greatest export of American energy, Biden’s policies will mean the world will now turn to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and OPEC nations.

“To borrow a Trumpism: Those nations are now laughing behind our backs,” Moore concluded.

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