‘Someone Reboot Biden’: 8 Awkward Moments as Joe Biden Struggled Through CNN Town Hall


President Joe Biden was ridiculed as he struggled through another CNN town hall Thursday evening, serving up multiple creepy and awkward moments for social media to devour.

The president struggled with the optics of the event as well as the substance, where he admitted he did not have a short-term plan to lower gas prices, refused to defend a monument to President Thomas Jefferson, said he did not have enough time to visit the Southern border, and backed mass firings of police and first responders if they did not get a coronavirus vaccine.

On multiple occasions, moderator Anderson Cooper gently steered Biden back to the subject at hand as the president started rambling.

At one point, Biden began ranting about poor children of single parents not hearing enough words in the home to be properly educated, before Cooper helped him to refocus.

At another point, Biden struggled to remember the name of a port in Long Beach, California, despite addressing the issue a week earlier.

“What am I doing here?” Biden asked, as Cooper helped him remember the name of the port city.

Biden was also mocked for standing still, holding out his clenched fists awkwardly as Cooper spoke during the town hall.

He also had a moment when he stood rigidly, allowing his arms to droop with his head bowed down.

At times, Biden had to stop and close his eyes as he tried to finish a statement.

Biden also made the “OK” symbol with his hand and peered through it, hoarsely whispering at the audience when talking about tax rates.

At another point in the evening, he falsely identified “the mayor” of Baltimore who was actually a congressman.

He also appeared to forget Sen. Krysten Sinema’s (D-AZ) name at one point, referring to her as “one other person.”

The RNC published a supercut of the president’s town hall on Friday morning.


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