AR Gov. Hutchinson Pushes Back Against Biden Vaccine Mandate — ‘People Buck Up,’ ‘Offer More Resistance’ to Government Orders

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) echoed Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves’ (R) sentiment that President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has made it more difficult to get people vaccinated.

According to Hutchinson, “people buck up” and “offer more resistance” when the government tells them to do something.

“People buck up. They offer more resistance if the government is telling them this is what you have to do,” Hutchinson advised.

“We are making great progress through medical information, trusted advisors, I had community town hall meetings, and we gradually increased those vaccination rates,” he added. “We continue to do it, but it is harder whenever you have the debate about the mandates. And so, we oppose a federal mandate. This is the first time in history they have had this heavy federal government come in and tell the states what to do. Every state might be different. For Arkansas, we are using education, common sense, and driving those numbers up, and people take it seriously. Whenever you see the risk, that increases our vaccination rate. And I think the Omicron variant is another warning. Let’s get this done, and let’s don’t delay.”

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