Schweizer: China Utilizes ‘Elite Capture’ to ‘Lobotomize the United States by Making Them Unresponsive’ to Their Threat

Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer, author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Winsat down with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson to discuss his book’s findings.

Schweizer said on Fox News Channel’s streaming service Fox Nation that he found Chinese leadership was engaging in “elite capture,” which he described as an effort to bring in the likes of billionaire Bill Gates so he would look the other way as China grows stronger.

“I really wanted to look at the whole question of why is the United States so unresponsive to China’s threat,” Schweizer told Carlson. “And I wanted to look at it from two aspects. I wanted to look at it from the China perspective, but then I also wanted to look at elites in the United States, what their motivations were, the sweetheart deals that they get from Beijing, and what I found on the Chinese side was, this is a very brilliant strategy on their part, Tucker. They call it elite capture – – the elite capture.”

“And the theory is pretty simple,” he continued. “You know, the United States is our rival, even our enemy, instead of going head to head with it, why don’t we just kind of pay off certain elements of the leadership. If we can capture them with sweetheart deals, with other benefits, we can effectively lobotomize the United States by making them unresponsive to our threat. So that became very clear, just looking at the Chinese literature. And then on the American side, I wanted to look at not just people in Washington, D.C., you know, political families like the Biden’s who are kind of grubbing for money, you know, all the time, because they don’t have a lot. But I want to know what would prompt the guy like Bill Gates, who’s worth $100 billion, to go over to Beijing and say the most ridiculous things about President Xi and about the communist system.”

Schweizer added that Gates and “a lot of the people in the tech world” have “this sort of weird admiration for what they call the efficiency of the Chinese dictatorship.”

“Bill Gates talks about how President Xi works so hard for the Chinese people. He has their best interests at heart. So, he says those things, but he’s also done a series of things that I find frankly alarming,” he emphasized.

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