White House: Gas Prices Will ‘Continue to Go Up’

Gas prices reach over $5.00 a gallon at a petrol station in Los Angeles, California; Presi
Brendan Smialowski, Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

The White House confirmed Monday that gas prices in the United States would continue rising, even as President Joe Biden has offered few specific solutions to the problem.

“In terms of how far, you know, we still believe it will continue to go up,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters when asked about the price of gas.

She would not say if the White House had any estimation of how high prices could get, but tried to reassure Americans that Biden was working on the problem.

“Obviously, what we’re trying to do is mitigate the impact,” Psaki said.

Biden has repeatedly promised to work on finding ways to reduce gas prices, but his efforts have mostly failed.

His duel announcements to release oil from the strategic oil reserve only had a minimal short-term effect on gas prices.

Psaki said Biden was working on a “range of steps” to help bring prices down, including “engaging through his team or even himself personally” with global oil producers and “looking at a range of domestic options.”

Last week, Psaki downplayed the idea of a federal gas tax holiday, even though it was not officially “off the table” of considerations by the White House.

“I would just note that the gas tax, if I’m correct here, is about 18 cents,” she told reporters on Thursday. “And obviously gas has gone up by a larger amount than that.”


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