WATCH: Joe Biden and Democrats Blame ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ for Gas Price Surge and High Inflation

As Americans continue to struggle with surging gas prices and high inflation, President Joe Biden and the Democrats insist that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for the surge while ignoring their own domestic policies that have contributed.

The phrases “Putin’s Gas Hike” and “Putin’s Price Hike” have been repeatedly used by Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), while press secretary Jen Psaki quipped that the price surge “is a direct result of the fact that President Putin invaded Ukraine.”

President Biden also stated that “since Putin began his military buildup on Ukrainian borders, just since then, the price of the gas at the pump of America went up by 75 cents.”

Biden and the Democrats have continually parroted that Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24 is the main reason why prices have surged across the country. As previously noted by Breitbart News, while gas prices did spike after the Russian invasion, the Biden administration’s massive spending and Federal Reserve policies overstimulated the economy, contributing to inflation that was rising well before the invasion.

Inflation rose significantly after President Biden signed the America Rescue Plan Act in March 2021.

Biden plans to further address this “Putin Price Hike” on Thursday with an announcement on how the administration plans to lower surging prices at the pump.

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