Joe Biden Mocked After Barack Obama Ignores Him at White House Reception: ‘No One Wants to Talk to Joe’

President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama speak to people during an event mark
AP/Carolyn Kaster

President Joe Biden was mocked on Tuesday after former President Barack Obama ignored him at a White House reception.

Upon Obama completing his speech about healthcare in which he mentioned himself 33 times, attendees encircled the jovial Obama at the reception. The former president had not visited the White House in five years.

Biden, in contrast, appeared to wander around looking for someone or for something to do. The video shows Biden staring from afar at the crowd surrounding Obama. Biden then turns away with a sour look on his face and doddered off alone.

Later during the meet and greet, Biden again tries to get Obama’s attention. With concern on his face, Biden reaches over Vice President Kamala Harris and grabs Obama’s shoulder from behind, appearing to try to turn Obama towards himself.

The video shows Biden saying something to Obama that was ignored. Instead, Obama continued speaking with the guests while Biden looked on with a frown, seemingly confused about being unnoticed as president of the United States.

The Republican National Committee’s research team tweeted the video and the caption “Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden.”

The video went viral on Twitter with people mocking the president. Tim Young tweeted that “if you want to know who’s really in charge, watch this video,” referencing Obama’s popularity and Biden standing alone.

Michael Knowles tweeted, “Brutal” at Biden being ignored by attendees.

Lindsay Wigo joked that the snub was similar to when “friends say they’ll ‘be right back’ at the bar” but never return.

Joe Concha said the situation was like something out of a movie.

Greg Price jested that the attendees liked Obama more and were content to allow the unpopular Biden to wander around.

Tommy Pigott tweeted that not only was “Biden completely ignored AGAIN, Biden tries to turn Obama around and Obama completely shrugs him off.”

Paris Dennard emphasized Biden was ignored a second time after the event.

Steve Guest suggested that Biden was wondering why nobody was paying attention to him.

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