Biden’s America: Gas Price Average Reaches Record High of $4.60

President Joe Biden arrives at the White House, in Washington, from his Asian trip, Tuesday, May 24, 2022. The Congressional Budget Office released an economic outlook Wednesday saying that high inflation will persist into next year, likely causing the federal government to pay higher interest rates on its debt. (AP …
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Gas prices reached another record high on Thursday as Americans continue to grapple with rising prices across the board, all while the Biden administration continues to toe the line that Russia — not administration policies — are responsible for rising prices.

The national gas price average reached $4.60 on Thursday, reflecting a nearly 47-cent increase in the last month. For greater perspective, the national gas price average stood at $3.035 one year ago. 

But currently, mid-grade is approaching the $5.00 mark, with the national average standing at $4.979. Premium is now $5.267, and the national average price for diesel is $5.538. That is slightly lower than the record high average recorded on May 18 — $5.577.

Several states are experiencing prices higher than the national average. Those states include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and California, the last of which has the highest gas price average in the nation — $6.070.

Industry experts are only expecting the situation to worsen over the “cruel summer,” predicting average gas prices well over $6.00 per gallon.

Recent surveys indicate that Americans are struggling to balance rising prices across the board. A Quinnipiac survey released at the end of March indicated over one-third of Americans were cutting back on groceries in order to afford gas. At the time, the national gas price average stood at $4.225. Around that time, Biden was still blaming Russia for rising prices. 

“Russia is responsible,” he said, although he failed to explain why prices were on the rise prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm has also maintained that narrative on rising energy prices , telling lawmakers last week that “you can thank the activity of Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine.”


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