Watch Live: Pro-Abortion ‘Black Feminist Future’ ‘Juneteenth’ March

A group of “Black Feminist” activists are marching towards the U.S. Supreme Court on Juneteenth weekend in support of their pro-abortion policies. 

The organization Black Bodies for Black Power organized the march that will start on 6th Street NE & 226 4th Street NE and make its way to the Supreme Court. These activists are using the Juneteenth celebration of the end of slavery to promote their “fight for reproductive justice.”

“Join us this Juneteenth weekend at the Supreme Court for a demonstration led by Black women to oppose attacks on abortion and fight for reproductive justice! Find out more,” a message from the organization said. 

The protest at the Supreme Court comes one month after Politico reported on a draft Supreme Court opinion written that signaled the Court intended to overrule its 1973 decision Roe v. Wade. 

As the Court nears the end of its term, many legal analysts expect the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson to be handed out in the coming weeks.

Watch the entire event below:


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