Nolte: Biden Approval *and* Disapproval Hit Dismal Records — 10 Points Below Trump

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His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s average disapproval and approval numbers hit two three dismal records at the RealClearPolitics poll of polls on Tuesday.

Never before has Hunter’s Dad seen his average approval rating sink to a dismal 38.8 percent.


Never before has America’s Number-One Matlock fan seen his disapproval rating hit the average high of 56.9 percent.

Currently, Slow Joe is 18.1 points underwater — another record.

Even at the left-wing FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s average approval rating is 39.6 percent. His disapproval average is 55.6 percent. That’s 16 points underwater.

On this same day (June 28, 2018), in the second year of his presidency, Donald Trump had an average RealClear approval rating of 43.4 percent. His disapproval rating was 51.5 percent. That put him underwater by only 8.1 points.

And that was with billions of corporate media dollars lying about Trump as a Russian spy.


In other words, Slow Joe’s overall approval rating is ten points worse than Trump’s on this same date in their respective presidencies.

Biden’s problem, as I’ve been saying and warning about, is that he is now losing Democrats. Not only are gas and food prices freaking even Democrats out, but 1) Democrats do not want Biden to run for reelection, and 2) losing things like the sacred  Roe v. Wade “right” to slaughter innocent babies demoralizes Democrats and turns them against their own party—to which I can only say: tee hee.

Biden is doing everything he can to keep his left-wing base at his side: being a pronoun Nazi, keeping the border wide open, etc. The corporate media is also doing its evil best to keep Biden’s head above water, but no one listens to those fuckers anymore.

It comes down to this…

There just comes a time when REALITY can no longer be denied, not even by Democrats. In Joe Biden’s America, filling your gas tank is demoralizing. Grocery shopping is demoralizing. Watching your 401K sink and sink and sink is demoralizing.

What’s more, Democrats are terrified of Trump regaining the White House in 2024, and for a good reason. In most polls, Trump beats Biden nationally. So Democrats are expressing their disapproval of Joe in the hope that disapproval will convince him not to seek a second term. Democrats believe, and again for a good reason, they have a better chance of holding the White House without the mentally-disabled old guy.

And if you think Biden’s numbers are in bad shape now, wait till after the midterm elections. The GOP will romp like never before, which means Democrats will be demoralized like never before, and the recriminations against their own — especially Hunter’s Dad — will be GLORIOUS.

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