CNN Poll: Biden Approval Rating Crashes to 38 Percent

US President Joe Biden looks on as he attends the first day of the G7 leaders' summit held

A recent CNN poll shows that President Joe Biden’s approval rating has cratered to 38 percent, with most Americans believing he has not paid significant attention to their biggest problems: inflation, cost of living, and overall economic woes.

Surveying 1,459 U.S. adults from June 13 through July 13 with a sampling error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points, the poll conducted by SSRS for CNN showed that a majority of Americans had an overall negative view of the U.S. economy — the worst since 2011 — and placed the blame squarely on Joe Biden.

With an overall approval of 38 percent and a disapproval rating of 62 percent, President Biden scored poorly with Americans on a range of issues, from his handling of the U.S. economy (30 percent approval) to inflation (25 percent approval).

“Rising costs are a primary economic pressure for most Americans: 75 percent call inflation and the cost of living the most important economic problem facing their family. Last summer, that figure stood at 43 percent,” noted CNN.

The president has also begun to lose ground among Democrats, with an approval rating of only 73 percent, a full 13 points lower than his approval rating this past May. Only 62 percent of Democrats approve of his handling of the economy while a meager 51 percent approve of his handling of inflation. Even among minorities, specifically black Americans, the president has now found himself underwater with a 45 percent approval rating.

“Biden’s approval ratings for handling the economy and inflation now break negative among Black adults, who have been among the President’s strongest backers (47 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove on the economy, while 34 percent approve and 65 percent disapprove on inflation),” added CNN.

Biden’s overall negative numbers can largely be attributed to the American public’s perception of the economy, with a full 79 percent saying it is going poorly for the country.

“Asked to name the biggest economic problem facing their family today, 75 percent call out an issue related to the cost of living or inflation, including 38 percent who mentioned inflation and rising costs generally, 29 percent who mention gas prices, and 18 percent who mention the cost of food,” the outlet continued.

Most Americans (68 percent) believe Biden has not paid significant attention to the greatest problems facing the country, a full nine points ahead of a previous poll about former President Donald Trump in 2017 (59 percent).


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