Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Wisconsin School District for ‘Encouraging Children to Transition’

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Wisconsin’s Eau Claire Area School District is being sued in federal court over its “Gender Identity Policy,” which plaintiffs say is “encouraging children to ‘transition’ gender identity and deceiving parents.”

America First Legal and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed a lawsuit on behalf of parental rights organization Parents Protecting Our Children in order to “vindicate parents’ sacred and fundamental right to care for and raise their children.”

The training tells teachers that “parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned” while also saying that parents who object to gender ideology are engaging in the “weaponization of religion against queer people” and that teachers “must not act as stand-ins for oppressive ideas/behaviors/attitudes, even and especially if that oppression is coming from parents.”

According to a press release, the school district’s “Gender Identity Policy” is training teachers about gender identity with the intention of teachers “impos[ing] this woke agenda on innocent school children.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the school district directs faculty to keep information away from parents.

One classroom at North High School has a poster that reads, “If Your Parents Aren’t Accepting of Your Identity, I’m Your Mom Now #freemomhugs.”

Eau Claire’s policy allows for children to be called a different name than the ones on their birth certificates, use pronouns that do not align with their sex, and use “intimate facilities meant for the opposite sex.”

Breitbart News exclusively reported Eau Claire Area School District’s gender ideology training, which also forces students uncomfortable with students of the opposite sex using their restrooms to find alternatives themselves.

“Wisconsin public schools are engaged in the malicious sexual exploitation of minor children and America First Legal is proud to be coming to their defense and the defense of their families,” America First Legal President Stephen Miller said in a statement. “Eau Claire schools have adopted a monstrous plan to secretly ‘change’ the genders of children as young as 5 — without parental consent — effectively subjecting them to unnatural ideological experiments contrary to their health and biology.”

“Ultimately, these children are placed on a path that could lead to chemical and surgical disfigurement and sterilization,” he continued. “This revolutionary crusade to remake and reshape our children—and to deny the physical and actual truth of their existence as boys and girls—must be extricated root and branch from our schools. America First Legal is leading the way in the fight to save our children from this lawless Marxist indoctrination.”

Breccan F. Thies is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @BreccanFThies.


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