Biden Oversees 70% Drop in Deportations for Illegal Aliens Arrested in U.S. Towns

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

The number of illegal aliens arrested by local law enforcement across American towns and cities and deported from the United States has been cut by more than 70 percent under President Joe Biden’s watch.

Twice last year, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued so-called “sanctuary country” orders — now being challenged in court — that ensured most of the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens were not eligible for arrest and deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Public records obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies reveal that Biden’s orders have trickled down to dramatically cut the number of deportations for illegal aliens arrested by local law enforcement across American towns.

Center for Immigration Studies

In the first nine months of the Biden administration, ICE agents deported only 16,351 illegal aliens who were arrested by local police departments — a 71 percent decrease compared to the nearly 56,000 illegal aliens deported during the same period in 2019 under former President Trump’s administration.

Put another way, while the Biden administration deported about 1,800 criminal illegal aliens every month, the Trump administration deported more than 6,000 criminal illegal aliens every month.

While Biden’s DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, has claimed that the administration is deporting more convicted criminals than prior administrations, data suggests otherwise.

In Fiscal Year 2021, about 27,000 illegal alien convicted felons were deported from the U.S., while in Fiscal Year 2020, even amid the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration deported roughly 36,000 illegal alien convicted felons.

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