Woke Lancet Blames Premature Deaths on ‘Racism’ and ‘Xenophobia’

New York city may have a 20 percent infection rate, according to a recent study that tested those out shopping [Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP]
Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP

The once-respectable Lancet medical journal has once again taken a deep dive into woke politics, publishing an entire series on “racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and health.”

“Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination exist in every modern society causing avoidable disease and premature death among groups who are often already disadvantaged,” the Lancet contends in this latest issue.

The series of articles “examines how the historic systems and structures of power and oppression, and discriminatory ideologies have shaped policy and practice today, and are root causes of racial health inequities,” the journal states in its executive summary.

In this latest manifestation of the Lancet’s love embrace of political correctness, it continues its years-old quest to become a flagship for LGBT activism, pro-abortion lobbying, pro-immigration agitation, anti-white rhetoric, and what it has unapologetically called its “progressive agenda.”

One of the articles in the December 9 issue explores “how racism, xenophobia, discrimination, and the structures that support them are detrimental to health.”

“We focus on the core structural factors of separation and hierarchical power that permeate society and result in the negative health consequences we see,” the authors state, while decrying “populist leaders” who push “the politics of hate” and “exploit racism, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination to divide and control populations.”

The article goes on to condemn “structural racism” as a determinant of health as well as “environmental racism, whereby minoritised communities are more likely than non-minoritised groups to be exposed to environmental hazards as a result of where they end up having to live.”

This structural racism is “rooted in legacies of colonialism and exploitation” and especially affects migrant groups and Indigenous populations, the article asserts.

The essay goes on to declare that “ideologies of racism have been central to the formation of nation states and concepts of citizenship.”

“In North America and South America, for example, settler colonialism resulted in the genocide of Indigenous people and theft of their land,” it says. “Fundamental to the process of colonisation is the concept of racial capitalism. Racial capitalism is an exploitative process, during which economic and social value is extracted on the basis of the racial identity of a person.”

While woke progressives can delight in the conversion of the Lancet to their cause, the medical community can only mourn the death of an important voice for science that has now become an echo-chamber for misbegotten political ideology.


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