Karine Jean-Pierre Claims She ‘Did Not Know’ She Misled About Discovery of More Classified Documents

Karine-Jean Pierre
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Tuesday she did not know she misled the press about the discovery of additional classified documents in President Joe Biden’s private residence last week after she said the search was completed.

During the daily briefing last Thursday, Jean-Pierre misled the American public on six different occasions when she said the search for classified documents in Biden’s position was completed on Wednesday. Reports on Saturday revealed that more classified documents were discovered on Thursday, which refuted Jean-Pierre’s claim that the search for documents was completed.

Under pressure from multiple reporters, Jean-Pierre finally admitted during the daily press briefing on Tuesday she did not know that she was misleading the press.

“No, I did not know,” she said. “I had the information that you all had at the time.”

Jean-Pierre said she was repeating information she was given by White House lawyers, which was the same statement given to reporters.

“I have been forthcoming from this podium,” she insisted, adding she was being “very very careful and mindful” of the Justice Department investigation by withholding details about the process.

When she was asked if she was “upset” that she shared false information, she replied only that she did not want to interfere with the ongoing investigation.

In hindsight, Jean-Pierre refused to confirm any new details about the classified documents during the press briefing, including whether or not the search for classified documents was over.

“I’m going to continue to be prudent here… I’m not going to comment from here,” she said, repeating she was being “very clear” from the podium.

Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden was confident with his team despite repeated revelations of additional classified documents discovered in his possession.

“His mood has been very clear. I saw him this morning. He’s very focused. I traveled with him this weekend,” she said, noting the president wanted to focus on the economy and the needs of the American people.

Jean-Pierre repeated she would no longer discuss the classified documents at the podium, insisting that reporters take their questions to the president’s lawyers or to the Justice Department.

“Look. Guys. You guys can ask me 100 times. 200 times if you wish. I’m going to keep saying the same thing… we’re just going to try to move on here, and we’re going to move on,” she said.

“You told us something six times that turned out to be false,” Newsmax reporter James Rosen noted at the end of Jean-Pierre’s briefing. “Are you sorry about that?”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said as she left the podium. “Come talk to me! I’ll see you tomorrow.”


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