Angel Mom Wants Life in Prison for Daughter Kayla Hamilton’s Accused Illegal Alien Killer

Angel Tammy Nobles with her daughter, 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton. (Screenshot via Fox News

Angel Mom Tammy Nobles says she wants life in prison for the illegal alien MS-13 gang member charged with murdering her daughter, 20-year-old Kayla Marie Hamilton, last year in Aberdeen, Maryland.

As Breitbart News reported last week, the Aberdeen Police Department arrested a 17-year-old illegal alien MS-13 gang member from El Salvador in connection with Hamilton’s murder. He is expected to be charged with first-degree murder. Police have not released the suspect’s full identity to the public.

According to police, Hamilton was strangled to death in July 2022. Hamilton’s family said the young woman had recently moved to Aberdeen with her 22-year-old boyfriend. The illegal alien’s DNA, police allege, matched with evidence recovered at the murder scene.

In an interview, Nobles told Fox News Channel that she wants the maximum sentence for the gang member accused of murdering her daughter. In the state of Maryland, which abolished the death penalty a decade ago, that would be a life sentence in state prison.

“I just want the detective and everyone that worked on her case, to tell them thank you for working so hard … and apprehending the person who did this to her,” Nobles said. “I’m hoping that he gets the most that we can get him to serve … because I feel like if he’s done this at such a young age, there’s no telling what he’s capable of as an adult.”

Nobles described Kayla as “a very kind-hearted, very loving child” who “always saw the good in everybody, she was very trusting, too trusting, and she could not see danger at all.”

“It’s really hard to process,” Nobles said. “Not only that we have to process losing her, we also have to process what happened to her.”

Kayla Marie Hamilton (Aberdeen Police Department)

Nobles also said she has no idea how the illegal alien MS-13 gang member got to be in the same area as her daughter, though a report from Breitbart News gives some insight.

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official Jon Feere, with the Center for Immigration Studies, reports that the suspect had been released from the border into the United States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC).

Every year, thousands of UACs are released directly into American communities after having arrived at the southern border. Many arrive in the U.S. at the prime MS-13 gang recruiting age, enticing mostly teen males from El Salvador to join their ranks.

“I wouldn’t want any parent to experience and go through what I’m going through,” Nobles said.

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