Ilhan Omar: McCarthy Trying to Remove Me from Committee to ‘Appease Trump’

Representative Ilhan Omar  (D-MN) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” said Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is attempting to remove her from her committee to appease former President Donald Trump.

Anchor Chris Hayes said, “Why you? Why this three? Do you have an understanding of how this category of can’t sit on the committees was drawn?”

Omar said, “It’s a really good question. My hint is that it’s probably to appease Trump. If you remember, when I was running for the Minnesota House seat, and Trump was running for president, he came to Minnesota and specifically talked about how Somali refugees should not enter our state, and certainly, we should not have any representation in government. Marjorie Taylor Greene, if you remember in 2018, after I got sworn in, was in Congress talking about Muslim invasion. When you think about Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, these are two people who have led the impeachment efforts against Trump, who he also singled out. If you think about the way in which these people have been vengeful, this sort of revenge and picking the three of us makes sense. It feeds their base. It responds to their donors. Obviously, McCarthy has been very specific in my case that this was a promise that he made to his donors. He has publicly said at a conference to his donors that he is fulfilling the Congress at the promise he has made. This in itself should be unethical for a speaker, for a leader to exchange dollars in removing duly elected member from the committee that they have history in.”

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