Ron DeSantis Budget Includes $2 Billion in Tax Relief: Permanent Sales Tax Exemptions for Baby Necessities, Gas Stoves

Governor Ron DeSantis listens to others during a news conference where he spoke of new law
AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis administration’s “Framework for Freedom Budget” includes $2 billion in tax relief, including both permanent and temporary sales tax holidays on a variety of items.

Speaking on the proposal Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis said the Sunshine State has “some of the lowest per capita state tax burden and debt per capita of any state.” He also proudly announced that the $114.8 billion budget proposal includes billions in tax relief.

“And whereas we proposed $335 million in tax relief four years ago, today we’re able to do $2 billion in tax relief, including the half a billion dollars we’ve already gotten signed into law with our toll relief program,” he said, adding that it serves as proof the state is “going in the right direction.”

The budget is extensive and, indeed, includes several tax exemptions, including four permanent sales tax exemptions on a series of categories. Those categories include baby and toddler “necessities,” strollers and crimes, OTC pet medication, and gas stoves — the latter serving as a dig at the Biden administration after Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. initially suggested a ban on gas stoves as a “real possibility,” only to backtrack due to the backlash.

“No tax permanently on gas stoves. They want your gas stove and we’re not gonna let that happen,” DeSantis said, explaining it is “just the principle” of the matter. 

“We’re also doing permanent sales tax exclusions on all baby necessities, including cribs and strollers. It’s hard enough raising kids as it is now. You get baby food, diapers, wipes … baby clothes, the whole shebang, including things like cribs and strollers which are very, very expensive. So that is gonna be permanently tax free in the state of Florida,” he said during the press conference, highlighting the permanent exclusion on all OTC pet medications as well, “because they ‘re parts of our families too.”

Additionally, the Freedom First budget includes temporary tax holidays on certain items, as the state has done in the past. That includes certain household items, power tools, and more.

“We’re also doing one year sales tax holidays for household items under $25. And so that will be everything from detergent to trash bags,” DeSantis explained.

“These are necessities and people are gonna be able to get those tax free: All dental hygiene products, tax free. All toiletries, tax free. Children’s books, tax free. Children toys, tax free. All kids athletic equipment, tax free,” he said.

“And I think something really, really great, no tax on pet food in the state of Florida,” he said, predicting these tax cuts will be “really good” for Florida families:

WATCH the full press conference below:


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