Poll: Majority Say Middle Class Not Benefiting at All from Joe Biden’s Policies

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American middle-class families, who are most likely to serve in the military and pay an overwhelming percentage of their income in federal taxes, are not benefiting from the policies of the Biden administration, a recent Monmouth University poll revealed.

Only 10 percent of Americans believe the middle class has benefited a lot, while 51 percent say the middle class has not benefited at all.

The numbers have only deteriorated under President Joe Biden’s leadership. “In the first months of his term, more said the middle class benefited a lot (19% in June 2021) and fewer said not at all (36%),” the poll found.

Director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute Patrick Murray slammed Biden for not keeping his campaign promise.

“Biden’s appeal when he ran for president was that he understands the average Joe. Reaction to his policy agenda, however, suggests it is an area where he remains weak,” he said.

A plurality of Americans (38 percent) describe themselves among the middle class, according to the poll. Twenty-nine percent identify as working class (arguably middle class), 14 percent as poor, and just 16 percent as upper middle class or higher.

Compared to the years under the Trump administration, a greater number of Americans say that they are financially struggling in Biden’s America:

Overall, 4 in 10 Americans (41%) say they are struggling to remain where they are financially, while 46% feel their finances are stable and just 12% say their situation is improving. The current results are in line with polling conducted last year. In prior polls conducted between 2017 and 2021, the number who said they were struggling ranged within a lower level between 20% and 29%.

Those who are struggling the most under Biden’s leadership are the poor:

Currently, the number of Americans who feel they are struggling include nearly 9 in 10 of those who consider themselves to be poor, about half of the working class, nearly 3 in 10 of the middle class, and about 1 in 8 of those who are upper middle class or even better off. In terms of partisanship, Republicans (45%) and independents (46%) are more likely than Democrats (28%) to report they are struggling.

The poll sampled 805 Americans from March 16-20 with a 5.8 percent margin of error.

The polling comes as 70 percent of Americans feel financially stressed in Biden’s America, a CNBC Your Money Financial Confidence survey revealed Tuesday. Inflation, fueled by Biden’s war on American energy, is the main driver of their stress.

Ninety percent of voters are worried about Biden’s soaring inflation, the top concern among those sampled in a March Fox News poll.

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