Rep. Ronny Jackson, Former White House Physician, Demands Joe Biden Take a Cognitive Test

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Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who served as the White House physician to multiple presidents, is circulating a letter in the House of Representatives demanding President Joe Biden either take a cognitive test or drop out of the 2024 presidential race he just joined.

The congressman has led other calls for the president to take a cognitive test; however, news of the latest letter, first reported by Fox News, comes on the day Biden made his long-awaited announcement that he would be running for reelection.

“We call on you to either resign immediately and renounce your bid for reelection or submit to a clinically validated cognitive screening assessment and make those results available to the public,” Jackson wrote in the letter addressed to Biden.

“When you first announced your bid to run in the 2020 presidential election, questions and concerns were raised surrounding your cognitive abilities,” Jackson added. “Those concerns have only increased because your mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent since you were elected.”

The letter acknowledges Biden’s age — since he is 80 years old and would be 86 years old at the end of a second term — and the polls showing the majority of voters think he is mentally unfit to serve as president and a super-majority saying every presidential candidate needs to pass a competency test regardless of age.

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“The American people should have absolute confidence in their President and know that he or she can perform their duties as Head of State and Commander in Chief,” the letter states. “Therefore, the American people deserve complete transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elected leader.”

The administration has dismissed calls for the president to subject himself to such tests.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the attacks on Biden’s mental health had failed in the past earlier this year when Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley called for politicians over the age of 75 should take a mental competency test.

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“You know, we’ve heard these types of attacks or remarks before. And, you know, if you go back to 2020, they said that the president couldn’t do it in 2020 and attacked him there, and he beat them,” Jean-Pierre said in February.

Fox News reported that Republicans have until Wednesday to sign the letter.

Biden announced his reelection plans Tuesday via video format on social media. However, as Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak noted, his launch video failed to name a single achievement in his first term or what he has planned in a second term if he is reelected.

Instead, Biden’s video talked about abortion (“personal freedom”) and “MAGA extremists,” who the president said must be defeated in what he calls the “battle for the soul of our nation.”

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