James Comer to ‘More than Likely’ Subpoena Biden Family Members

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 10: U.S. President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden attend the an
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Biden family members will “more than likely” receive subpoenas for information relevant to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer’s (R-KY) investigation.

Comer has subpoenaed at least four banks and one individual, Mervyn Yan, who is tied to the family’s bank transactions associated with Chinese entities. However, Comer has not subpoenaed members of the Biden family, nor have the Bidens testified before Congress.

“We’re building the case because obviously, the Biden family is not going to cooperate,” Comer told Fox News Tonight on Thursday evening. “We’ve requested documents, we’ve requested answers to the questions as to what the Biden family members were doing to receive these massive amounts of money from foreign nationals.”

“So, when those subpoenas are issued, they are going to fight, they are going to try to tie them up in court,” he added.

When asked if he will subpoena the family members, Comer said “More than likely — if they refuse to come.”

Comer explained the legal strategy to successfully compel the information with the least amount of delay.

“What we are doing is try to get all the evidence first to where if we subpoena them then we can win in court,” he said. “It’s all about winning in court.”

“We have a lot more leverage today because we went the back door and subpoenaed the banks to get the bank records from the people that were wiring the money to the Bidens,” he said.

Comer explained the Biden family’s legal representation was likely expecting an immediate subpoena when the committee opened the investigation back in November. But the additional information gained through compelling entities and those around the Biden family will likely help the committee’s case in court.

“They were expecting us to subpoena the Bidens on day one, we would be in court,” Comer said. “We knew who the intermediaries were receiving the wires from the foreign nationals and then laundering it down to the Bidens. We subpoenaed their bank accounts, we got the wire from the foreign nationals and saw the wire to the Bidens.”

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