Karine Jean-Pierre Won’t Say if White House Supports Prosecuting Unknown Cocaine Smuggler

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 30: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre talks to reporte
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre would not say if the White House supports prosecuting the unknown cocaine White House smuggler.

Speaking at Wednesday’s press briefing, a reporter asked, “If the Secret Service determines who brought the cocaine into the White House, does the White House support the prosecution of this individual?”

“I’m just not gonna get into hypotheticals from here. Let the Secret Service do their job. It’s under their purview. We are confident that they will get to the bottom of it. I’m just not going to get ahead of this at this time,” she replied.

Jean-Pierre refused to answer a number of questions about the cocaine incident.

“Will any White House staffers be undergoing drug testing as part of this investigation?” a second reporter asked.

“Just not going to get into hypotheticals from here,” Jean-Pierre replied. “The White House is subject to rigorous guidelines that include drug testing. So, we will take any action that is appropriate and warranted.”

She also refused to speak about who she believed smuggled the substance into a “heavily trafficked area” in the White House.

“Are you confident that this was not a White House staffer?” a reporter asked.

“There is an investigation,” she said. “They’re [Secret Service] gonna get to the bottom of this.”

“Can you just tell us how the White House is assisting the Secret Service with this investigation?” another reporter asked. “Have you made any White House officials available for interviews with law enforcement, for example?”

“We’re not assisting in anything,” Jean-Pierre answered. “We are not involved.”

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