Poll: One-Quarter of Democrats Have Doubts About Biden’s Mental Fitness

Vice President Joe Biden eats ice cream during a visit to Little Man Ice Cream, in Denver,
AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

One-quarter of Democrats have doubts about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness, July’s Harvard/Harris survey found.

Across the board, most registered voters, 59 percent, have doubts about the president’s mental fitness, compared to 41 percent who said he is “mentally fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Predictably, 85 percent of Republicans have doubts about the 80-year-old’s mental fitness, compared to 15 percent who do not. Most independents, 71 percent, also doubt Biden mental fitness, as do nearly a quarter, 24 percent, of Democrats.

Further, 68 percent across the board said Biden is “showing he is too old” to be present, compared to 32 percent who believe he is fit to be commander-in-chief. While 54 percent of Democrats believe he is showing he is fit to be president, 43 percent disagree. Ninety-one percent of Republicans and 75 percent of independents also believe Biden is showing he is too old to be president.

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Despite that, Democrats still support Biden in the Democrat primary, as he garners 62 percent support. Another 16 percent said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., followed by five percent who chose Marianne Williamson. Eleven percent of Democrats remain unsure, and five percent said “someone else.” The survey noted that those results show “no significant differences from June 2023.”

This same survey, which showed former President Donald Trump at the top of the pack in the GOP horserace, also found Trump leading Biden in a head-to-head by five points.

The survey was taken July 19-20, 2023, among 2,068 registered voters.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) over the weekend called on Republicans to impeach Biden and expunge Trump’s political impeachments, making the remarks during a conversation on Breitbart News Saturday.

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“It’s time to impeach him [Biden]. The evidence was already there, but this is further evidence that this is the type of high crimes and misdemeanors that should prevent this man from serving any day longer in the White House than what he already has,” Banks, who is running for a Senate seat in his state, said.

“On top of that — man, I mean, this evidence this week proves that they impeached Donald Trump because he was right,” Banks continued.

“At the same time that we impeach Joe Biden, it’s also time to expunge the fake impeachment against Donald J. Trump at the same time as well,” he said, later emphasizing the House should take action “and then force that the Senate to take up the impeachment hearings and expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats and some of the squishy Republicans, and force them to take up this clear case of corruption and abuse by the Biden family and dare them to vote against it.”


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