Marlow: Congressional Investigators Need to Ask the Bidens ‘What Did You Do for These Companies’

Congressional investigators need to ask the Bidens “what did you do for these companies” as part of their ongoing investigation into Biden family corruption, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow told New York Times bestselling investigative author Peter Schweizer during a discussion on The Drill Down Podcast.

“Where do you think the investigation on Capitol Hill is going?” Schweizer, senior contributor to Breitbart News, asked Marlow during a discussion centered around the editor-in-chief’s latest New York Times bestseller Breaking Biden.

“Do you think Comer is going to be successful? Are we going to see an impeachment? Where’s this gonna lead?” Schweizer, who co-hosts the podcast with his Government Accountability Institute colleague Eric Eggers, asked, highlighting the efforts of House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer’s (R-KY) in investigating Biden family corruption.

Marlow acknowledged that Schweizer has “white pilled” him on this subject, as he has been “very cynical about where the country is going.” However, he said Comer’s approach —  “where it seems like he’s kind of going for the lower bosses, the capo level guys in the mafia, and then he’s going to work up towards the real bosses eventually” — seems to be a “good plan.”

Marlow said Comer needs to start “hauling people in at that top level” in a way that is “highly publicized,” and he needs to ask the specific question: “What did you do for these companies?”

“He needs to ask in each and every case —  it’s going to be exhausting — ‘What did you do for these companies?’ James Biden, what did you do for these companies? Hunter Biden, what did you do for these companies? Frank Biden, and have them all explain what they were specifically doing,” Marlow said, predicting that Hunter Biden alone will give “unbelievable quotes, because we’ve seen it when he’s done press” already.

‘They’re going to answer these questions, and the answers are going to be absolutely insane. And if the public gets wind of them, Joe’s not going to win again,” Marlow predicted, emphasizing that he is “optimistic that about the plan” moving forward.

“I’m reluctant to trust the plan, but I definitely am sort of trusting it. To this point, I’ll say sort of trusting it. But I have a million questions if anyone wants to contact me. And I will lay out the specifics of where I think they should be asked next,” the Breaking Biden author added.

Schweizer described Breaking Biden as a “terrific book,” noting that he, too, “learned things reading this book” — something he does not say often, given his own extensive research on the Bidens throughout his career.

Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration is available in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook read by the author.

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