Alex Marlow’s Bombshell Book ‘Breaking Biden’ Lands on New York Times’ Best Sellers List


Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration debuted on the New York Times bestseller list on Wednesday.

Breaking Biden — which is Marlow’s second New York Times bestseller following his first book, Breaking the News — is a deep-dive investigation into Joe Biden and his family with an emphasis on corruption and policy failings. The book has already garnered praise from #1 bestselling conservative authors Mark Levin and Peter Schweizer. Levin suggested that all members of Congress and presidential candidates should read the book. Dennis Prager called Breaking Biden a “very important book” from “one of the most important people in the country.”

Thus far, Marlow has revealed exclusive new reporting on corruption at the University of Delaware Biden Institute; offered details suggesting that Joe Biden’s “cancer moonshot” is an influence peddling scheme for the benefit of his-son-in law; and delineated all the military equipment that Joe Biden left to the Taliban in Afghanistan, which was promptly placed on the black market and potentially sold to terrorists.

Marlow also shared details on a fatal hit-and-run car accident involving Joe Biden’s brother Frank. Joe covered for his cowardly brother who refused to pay a settlement owed to the deceased’s surviving daughters.

Earlier this week, Marlow exposed Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken as the “patron saint of the military-industrial complex” and “Secretary of Boeing” in a comprehensive assessment of Blinken’s past business ties and how they overlap with his responsibilities leading the State Department.

But Marlow says he’s just getting started and teased to Breitbart News that more bombshell stories can be found within the book.

Breaking Biden, according to Marlow, is not just the most comprehensive examination of Joe Biden’s life and policies to date, but it is also meant to be “a reset for politically engaged Americans.” He offered the following statement to Breitbart News:

With Breaking Biden, I wanted to accomplish two things more than anything else. First and foremost, I wanted to show the public that we have gotten Joe Biden all wrong (or at least somewhat wrong). He’s not a dummy and a puppet. Over his 50(!) years in Washington, he and his family have proven to be effective at executing some of the most disastrous policies and most corrupt business deals in American history. The first step to holding him accountable, in my view, is to fully understand the extent to which he is personally responsible for these failings.

My second objective is to try to fire up Americans to reengage with the political process. We cannot wait for Congress to conclude their investigations (though I’m optimistic that they will bear a lot of fruit). We need to be ready to take back our country on our own.

The book ranked #14 on the New York Times hardcover best seller list for the week of October 22. The book also made USA Today’s best-selling Booklist.

“The establishment media has done everything they can to suppress the facts I’ve unearthed in Breaking Biden. That the book still made the New York Times anyway shows that these ideas have some undeniable momentum. I could not have done it without the incredible Breitbart News audience and our brilliant staff. I give Simon & Schuster immense credit for publishing the book and providing a terrific team to help me promote it,” Marlow said. He also added that it’s “extra delightful and amusing” to make the Times’ list considering his first book, Breaking the News, features an entire chapter on the New York Times; his portrayal of the NYT is not flattering.

Marlow also took the opportunity issue a call to arms to conservative audiences everywhere: “If you believe in this book, call your local book stores and ask them to carry it and display it prominently.”

“Now is the time to ride the wave and finally get the truth out about Joe Biden.”

Breaking Biden, which contains over 1,600 endnotes filling over 125 pages of source material, was consistently in Amazon’s top 100 books across all categories throughout the week.

Autographed copies of Breaking Biden are available here.

Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration is available in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook read by the author.


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