Exclusive — Rep. Ashley Hinson: Biden ‘Kneecapped’ Border Patrol, Now Terrorist Suspects Can Move Freely Through U.S.

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement on Friday the Biden administration has kneecapped Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to the point terrorist suspects can move freely through the country.

Hinson outlined the administration’s abandonment of border protocols in a written statement to Breitbart News:

After a suspected terrorist was released into the U.S. and allowed to roam freely for weeks last year, I wrote to the Administration and asked for their strategy to ensure this dangerous communication breakdown wouldn’t occur again,.

The Biden Administration has kneecapped Border Patrol and watered down immigration enforcement to the point that terrorist suspects have repeatedly been able to move freely about the United States – there is no excuse or rationale for their continued willful inaction. How many other suspected terrorists are in the country right now? The Biden Administration doesn’t know or care. It’s past time to protect Americans from the national security threat posed by the open border, which has left us vulnerable to attacks on our own soil.

Hinson’s statement followed Breitbart News’s John Binder reporting an illegal alien wanted for terrorism in Senegal was arrested just blocks away from New York City’s One World Trade Center after having been released from by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that illegal aliens that are “national security threats” are promptly arrested and deported by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Despite Mayorkas’s assertion, the illegal alien was given a Notice to Appear (NTA) before an immigration judge and released in the United States.

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Hinson has previously raised concerns about why the Border Patrol released a suspected terrorist in May 2022.

“I write today with grave concern over the state of our southern border, concern with the policies of this administration, and concern for the security of our country,” she wrote in May 2022 to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tae Johnson, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus, and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Fox News reported:

Hinson was writing in response to Fox News’ reporting that the suspected terrorist, Isnardo Garcia-Amado, was released into the United States by Border Patrol agents on April 18 near Yuma, Arizona, and given a GPS monitoring device as an alternative to detention, according to a memo from a federal source obtained by Fox News.

Garcia-Amado, a Colombian citizen, was then flagged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Terrorist Screening Center on April 21, which determined he is a match on the terror watch list.

“This failure in communication and action is flat-out unacceptable,” she wrote at the time. “Garcia-Amado should never been let into the country in the first place — he immediately should have been considered a threat to national security and detained for deportation. The administration’s failure to properly vet and detain him endangered Americans.”

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