Job Creators Network Times Square Billboard Lists New Year’s Resolutions for Joe Biden to Help Small Businesses

Job Creators Network
Job Creators Network

Job Creators Network’s (JCN) latest billboard in the heart of Times Square demands the Joe Biden White House cease its harmful policies on the economy, government spending, and regulation and start 2024 with New Year’s resolutions to help small businesses.

Thousands of revelers coming to the New York strip to see the ball drop will also see the massive JCN billboard read “HEY JOE! WE MADE YOU A LIST OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.” The billboard lists four New Year’s resolutions, which include:

1). Cut Back on Spending (That’s where inflation comes from!)

2). Be Nicer (To small businesses who can’t handle your regulations)

3). Quit Smoking (The economy is going up in flames)

4). Be Honest (Bidenomics isn’t working, stop saying it is!)

“Alongside many Americans who are making New Year’s resolutions beginning at the stroke of midnight early Monday morning, we are calling on the Biden administration to do the same. But instead of eating healthier or exercising more, the White House should reverse course on its harmful policy agenda in 2024 to help the small business community that is struggling to navigate an underperforming economy,” Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, said in a statement.

“An estimated one million people will fill Times Square for the festivities on Sunday evening — and JCN’s billboard will be at the center of it.”

Last month, JCN lambasted President Job Biden’s “economic approach, reckless spending, and hostility toward domestic energy production” with a Times Square billboard branding him as “the real Grinch who is spoiling small business cheer.”

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