Exclusive — Marsha Blackburn: Biden Visit to Border ‘Too Little Too Late’; Border Emerging as Number One Issue

(INSET: Joe Biden) WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 14: U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) looks on
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The southern border crisis is emerging as a number one issue, and President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the border is “too little too late,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

“I think the border has gotten so out of control and the American people are talking about it. It’s the number one issue,” Blackburn began, telling Breitbart News Daily host Mike Slater that she did a telephone town hall with eight Tennessee counties this week, and the border emerged as the number one issue.

“People see the impact of fentanyl and drugs. They see the impact of human trafficking, sex trafficking, labor work crews, gangs, crime in their communities — communities that have never had a gang that have gang. It’s related to the southern border, and they’re trying to recruit kids from the community into the gang. So they see this,” the congresswoman said. “They see that impact locally. And law enforcement is saying, ‘Look, they’ve got to secure the border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs that are coming in’ — who knows what else — coming into communities.”

“And people are demanding that something be done,” she said, adding that Biden’s upcoming visit to the border is “too little too late.”


“The last time he went, he went to the wrong address. He’s probably going to do that again, where they’re going to clean it all up. And he is not going to see any illegal immigrants,” she said, explaining that Biden need to “get down there on the border, get in the car with the Border Patrol and go out on patrol and see what they are actually doing.”

Blackburn said there are many Angel parents in Tennessee, who have children who have been killed by people that are here illegally.

“These individuals have lost their loved ones, and when you look at Joe Biden’s border policy, which is an open border, what you realize is there is nothing compassionate about this,” she continued.

“This is a humanitarian crisis, when you look at the number of people from countries have increased — the number of terrorists the number of criminal, illegal aliens — when you hear that countries like Cuba and Venezuela are emptying their jails of their criminals and sending them here for the U.S. to deal with. You know, there is nothing compassionate,” she said, adding that America is seeing the impact of this and how it is hurting our citizens — “whether it’s the rape of a 14-year-old girl” or the death of Laken Riley in Georgia.

Blackburn added that Donald Trump is going to be going to the border on Thursday and will be “warmly received.”

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File/U.S. President Donald Trump visits the US-Mexico border fence in Otay Mesa, California on September 18, 2019. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

“Joe Biden going to the border and going again to the wrong address. He is going to probably get an earful from Border Patrol, who have already issued a statement against his coming,” she said, noting that the facts speak for themselves.

“In his first 100 days, Joe Biden took 94 executive actions and orders that weakened immigration law and further open the border and got rid of the Trump administration policies. That we know,” she said. “That is fact.”

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