PHOTOS: Adorable Four-Eared Kitten Is Quickly Becoming a Social Media Star


A four-eared, four-month-old kitten named Midas, who is best of friends with two golden retrievers, is making waves on social media.

Midas is a Russian Blue and lives with her owner Canis Dosemeci in Turkey, Canis informed the Daily Mail.

As of November 14, the kitten had racked up 34,400 followers on Instagram, though the first post on the account came just over a month ago, on October 12.

The kitten’s extra ears come from a genetic mutation resulting from recessive genes in her parents, LADbible reported.

Her mother was a stray and gave birth to Midas and six other kittens in the garden of one of Canis’s friends, according to the Daily Mail. The kitten has a clean bill of health from the veterinarian and can hear just fine, though she will undergo more checkups as time goes to make sure she has no other genetic mutations.

“She is a very playful cat. But very friendly as well,” Canis said. “She sleeps all day and is awake all night.”

“She loves to play with yarns, (we have loads of them because of my business), she steals them and hides them somewhere we could never find,” Canis said.

Making Midas even more unique is the white heart-shaped spot on her belly.

She gets along famously with her new family, which includes two golden retrievers Suzy, 12, and Zeyno, 14, and is a big cuddler, according to Canis.

“She loves to sleep on my chest or shoulder,” Canis said.

The kitten is even seen cozying up to the dogs in multiple posts from Midas’s Instagram account.


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