Rafael Cruz: ‘Establishment Is Coming Around’ to Ted Cruz Because Donald Trump Would Lose to Hillary Clinton ‘by a Landslide’


Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz and author of A Time for Action: Empowering the Faithful to Reclaim America, appeared on Breitbart News Daily Monday morning to discuss his son’s prospects in Tuesday’s crucial Wisconsin primary and to explain that more people are now backing his son because “Ted Cruz is the only alternative to beat Hillary Clinton” in November.

Rafael Cruz said Wisconsin would be a “tremendous” victory for the Cruz campaign.  “People are excited to see America restored back to the principles that have made America the greatest country on the face of the Earth, and I’ll tell you what – the endorsement of Governor Walker was just such a welcome shot of fresh air,” he said.

SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon noted that Walker is the fifth of the candidates who ran against Senator Cruz in 2016 to have endorsed him after suspending their own campaigns.  Those endorsements have been very helpful to Cruz’s message of unifying the Republican Party around his candidacy… even as supporters of Donald Trump, and some other critics of the GOP Establishment, warn that the Establishment will either corrupt Cruz after embracing him as the Trump alternative, or cast him aside once he has fulfilled their purpose of blocking Trump from winning the nomination.

Rafael Cruz insisted that fears of Establishment corruption could be laid to rest by looking at his son’s record.  

“Since my son Ted Cruz has been in the Senate, he has stood firm against what he calls the ‘Washington Cartel’ – corrupt career politicians in both parties, that want to continue with the gravy train,” he said.  “I think the reason the Establishment is coming around is, they are realizing that Ted Cruz is the only alternative to beat Hillary Clinton.  They realize that if Donald Trump is the nominee, all the polls show that Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton, and would lose by a landslide.  On the other hand, the polls also show that Ted Cruz will win against Hillary Clinton by double digits. So I think that the people in the Republican Party are realizing if we want to have a Republican government in 2016, the only alternative is Ted Cruz.”

He cited the controversy over Trump’s recent comments on abortion as evidence of the difficulty he would face in the general election, citing polls that showed 67% of all women said they didn’t want Trump as President.

Rafael Cruz said he and his son were not exhausted by the grueling primary battle, or the prospect of rolling into fierce general election battle shortly after the Republican nomination is decided.  On the contrary, they were both energized by the challenge, because “we realize that the task is much more than about just winning an election – the task is about saving America from a certain disaster.”

“I fled from tyranny to come to this country,” said Cruz, recalling his exodus from communist Cuba.  “I lost my freedom once.  I’m not willing to lose it again.  And I don’t think any American wants to see our freedoms destroyed.  But we are on the verge of that occurring, if we don’t make the right decision in this election.”

He said Wisconsin voters, like other voters across the country, were concerned with  “getting the heavy boot of the federal government off their neck.”

“You know, taxation and regulation have just stifled growth and opportunity so much in this country,” Cruz said.  “Today, it is almost impossible for anyone to start a new small business, because of all the myriads of regulations that are imposed upon them, and they realize that we do not need more government.  What we need is to get the government out of the way.”

He said reducing the size of government was a job his son was well-suited for, because he is a “strict constitutionalist” who believes the federal government should exercise only the powers carefully enumerated in the Constitution, and all other powers should be returned to state governments.

This is also a subject Rafael Cruz addressed in his book, A Time for Action, stressing the importance of restoring the rule of law, limited government, the separation of powers, and Supreme Court justices who would interpret the Constitution instead of legislating from the bench.  

He said the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia underscored the importance of the Supreme Court, making the 2016 presidential election even more critical, since we currently have “four ultra-liberal justices” on the Court, and appointment of another under a Democrat president could permanently damage the constitutional liberties of the American people.

“If we get one more liberal justice on the Supreme Court, not only will we lose our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, religious freedom will go down the drain, abortion on demand to the day of delivery will become the law of the land, we will see the destruction of traditional marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity laws will proliferate throughout the nation, and our economy will be destroyed,” he predicted.  

“We cannot afford to do that.  We need to get back to those principles that have made America the greatest country on the face of the Earth.  And I think more and more Americans are realizing that they cannot be swayed by hot air, and rhetoric, and empty promises, and theater, and emotionalism.  They need to go back to a proven leader.”

Cruz took a jab at Donald Trump’s campaign platform by saying “You know, there are those that say ‘Oh, we need a deal-maker.’  No, we don’t need a deal-maker.  We are in the problems we are today because of all the corrupt deals that have been made behind closed doors, at the expense of the American people.”  

We don’t need a deal-maker.  We need a statesman that will protect the Constitution and the rule of law.  I am convinced that that statesman is Senator Ted Cruz.”

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