Dr. Michael Auslin: Post-Obama, World Is More Dangerous Than Since Cold War

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Dr. Michael Auslin, resident scholar and director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, joined Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss his recent article, “The Next U.S. President Must Carry a Big Stick.”

“I think that any way you cut it, any way you look at it, the next president is inheriting a world from Barack Obama that is arguably more dangerous than at any time probably since the height of the Cold War, if not earlier,” Auslin said.

He said his top concern was “the overall breakdown of global order.”

“I think that neither of the candidates, and, quite frankly, most people in Washington, don’t realize that we face a two-front war,” he explained:

The only ones that really would have recognized what we face today were the Romans because they spent literally centuries fighting, on the one hand, the regular barbarian tribes that were threatening them from all different points along the Empire’s borders, and then on the far east of the Empire, they faced these large, what we would consider Great Power, states, like Parthia and Persia.

“They had to fight two different kinds of wars for centuries,” he stated, adding:

They had to fight against what we would consider the terrorists of today, and then they’d have to fight large wars, as we potentially are facing with a Russia that’s increasingly threatening in Europe, and that’s already invaded Ukraine, or with a China which is taking over territory in the South China Sea, or with an Iran that has a nuclear bomb, in some period of time.

“The point is that global order, as we understand it, is breaking down. But it’s not just one threat. It’s multiple threats, and they’re different kinds of threats,” he warned.

He lamented that our politicians just want to “kick the can down the road,” instead of coming to terms with the perilous state of the world.

“No one wants to level with the American people, and no one wants to take the responsibility to try to figure out how to deal with this two-front war,” said Auslin. Elaborating, he asserted:

It is going to be the defining issue of our generation: whether we let global order disintegrate so our kids inherit a world which is continually at war – or unfortunately, instead of doing what Barack Obama has done, which is try to let it all just slide under the radar, we actually do the difficult business of trying to solve these problems.

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