Erik Prince: We’re Losing the War Against Islamic Fascism

Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP

“We have to acknowledge that we’re in a war against Islamic fascism,” Blackwater CEO and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily. “It is Islamic Sunni fascism, or Shia fascism, but it is fascism — that which seeks to force its own adherence, to live a certain way, and to force that way of life onto anyone it contacts.”

“It burns you, cuts you, kills you if you do not submit,” he said. “So that’s full-on fascism. Unless we embrace that, we’re going to continue going in circles, in an unending war. So you have to destroy the ideology, destroy the adherence, and destroy the supporters of that fascism.”

Prince warned those who believe fascism was conclusively defeated in World War II that it has “reared its head again, in a religious-based totalitarian form.”

“The Iranian regime has very fascistic behavior,” he noted. “It forces its people to live a certain way. There’s no freedom there. And it seeks to export that fascism and that control to its neighbors, on Sunni states.”

“The Daesh / Al-Qaeda / Boko Haram / Al-Shabaab paradigm is a fascistic one,” he continued. “It compels, kills, and uses slaughter to force people to live the certain way they want to, so it is a fascist paradigm. Unless you call it that, and contest it as such, we will continue to go in circles. Otherwise, everything else is just, they’re trying to put lipstick on a pig. It’s fascism, and it has to be treated as such.”

“You deal with that kinetically, militarily. You deal with that in an intelligence manner,” Prince advised. “Remember, a war is not just a set of battles. It’s a set of efforts, made by people pursuing a goal. Unless you treat it on all fronts, you’re not gonna win.”

He found it necessary to disagree with a caller’s assertion that the U.S. military “wins every battle,” because “every time the bad guys are able to set up a roadside bomb, and destroy a vehicle or two, they’re winning that battle. They can win and wear down a larger force, really with a death by a thousand cuts.”

Prince suggested reviewing the global battlefield, to determine whether the West is winning the war against Islamic fascism.

“Let’s think about what Afghanistan has become, even since 9/11. The Taliban now control 30 percent or more of the country, and they’re advancing on a week-by-week basis,” he observed. “There’s a caliphate, a radical fascist caliphate, has been declared, for the first time since 1924, and they have their own currency, passports, government system in the Middle East. That is far worse than al-Qaeda was ever able to accomplish.”

“So there’s lots of points on the map that have glowing embers of fascism, trying to ignite the areas around them. It’s hard to say that we’re winning in a war against Islamic fascism right now, because we’ve been sitting on our hands, really for the past decade,” he concluded.

Prince thought Donald Trump gave a “good speech” yesterday, in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, agreeing with Trump that “the current vetting program” for Middle Eastern refugees “is a complete farce.”

“The U.S. government has very little idea where refugees are coming from,” said Prince. “Even the killers of San Bernardino — everything on the woman’s application was a lie. That means the State Department person at the embassy in Islamabad was unable, or unwilling, or too lazy, to actually do a proper job vetting what the reality is of these people. So there’s no vetting, he’s right. And until there’s a proper vetting program in place, we just have to pause.”

“The world community does not have an inherent right to immigrate to the United States. There has to be some advantage to being an American citizen, in today’s day and age,” he contended.  

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