Brian Mast: Obama Has Blood on His Hands After Dallas

AFP Mandel Ngan
AFP Mandel Ngan

Brian Mast, decorated Army veteran and Republican congressional candidate for Florida’s 18th district, told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, “Blood is on the hands of the American President” pertaining to the recent violence in Dallas.

Mast said:

He is perpetuating what’s going on here. You look at what happened just before Dallas. He came on national air to the entire country, starts talking about some sort of institutional racism that’s going on across all law enforcement, which is really a reflection on the entire country. And then you wonder why something like this happens. It shouldn’t be a far jump.

Mast also accused Obama of being divisive on a host of issues. “Real leadership matters. It’s not about the title. It’s about your actions and your words,” said Mast, adding that Obama has been sowing the seeds of divisiveness, not just on race, but on immigration, employee-employer relations, and other fronts.

Mast, a former Army staff sergeant and explosives specialist, lost both his legs in Afghanistan while serving with forces from the Joint Special Operations Command. His campaign website can be found here. More information is available on Mast via an earlier Breitbart report, which stated, “A combat veteran of Afghanistan, who gave both legs trying to dismantle an explosive device, tells Breitbart News Hillary Clinton failed the most important test for being president when she recklessly handled state secrets in wartime.”

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