Ted Harvey: GOP Leaders Should Demand Independent Counsel to Investigate SecState ‘Using Her Office to Shake Down Foreign Governments’

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey, chairman of StopHillaryPAC.org, notes that while the Clinton Foundation has announced it will stop accepting foreign donations if Hillary Clinton becomes the President, it had no problem with inappropriately taking foreign money while she was Secretary of State.

“The issue with the Secretary of State using her office to shake down foreign governments, before she would do agreements with them, and businesses in their countries, that is what this whole issue is about,” Harvey said on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily broadcast.

“It is the most outrageous abuse of power, of any U.S. official ever, in my opinion. When you have the leading diplomat for the United States government going around the world, shaking down foreign countries, to feather her own bed and her family’s bed, that is outrageous to me,” he said. “And the fact that the press is not doing anything about it, the fact that the Republican leadership in Congress is not doing anything about it, is ridiculous.”

“I believe this is far worse than the server in her basement, that might be allowing foreign governments to look at her emails,” he declared. “We know for a fact that this happened. There is a trail that goes right back to the Clinton Foundation. And the media, and the Republican Party, is doing nothing about it. I don’t understand what the situation is.”

Harvey believes the money left-wing billionaire George Soros put behind the Black Lives Matter movement, as revealed by leaked documents exposed in a data breach, was part of an effort to “distract the American public from what the real issues are, in this election cycle, which is Hillary Clinton and the trail of corruption that has followed her everywhere she has gone, for the last 40 years of her public life.”

He said he has “no faith” in the ability or desire of the press to follow such stories, which is why the StopHillaryPAC was created over two years ago.

“We knew we needed an organization out there that was going to focus on reminding the American people of who Hillary and Bill Clinton are, because the mainstream media is going to do everything they can to whitewash her forty year history of corruption,” Harvey explained. “I think what we are seeing has proven out that that’s why we need organizations like the StopHillaryPAC, why we need organizations like Breitbart – because the media is not going to do their job, and if they’re not gonna do it, then we have to.”

Unfortunately, Harvey also maintains the Republican Party cannot be trusted to hold Clinton accountable. “I don’t see the leadership in Congress making a huge issue out of the fact that the Secretary of State was shaking down foreign countries,” he lamented.

He added that the Clinton Foundation has been shaking down large corporations in the United States, as well as collecting money from foreign interests.

“So what she is saying is that when she is President of the United States, and has the power that goes along with that office, they are still going to shake down businesses here in the United States, to give to the Clinton Foundation, or else they’re going to have higher regulation, higher scrutiny, higher whatever by the Administration here in the United States,” Harvey warned. “I think they need to say, we are going to stop all funding of the Clinton Foundation if she becomes President of the United States, and they’re not gonna do that, because Bill Clinton would not get any speaking fees, if that was the case.”

“Where is Mitch McConnell?” Harvey asked, calling out the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. “Where is the Speaker of the House? Where is the leadership of the Republican Party at the federal level, in forcing investigations, in demanding that the FBI – I believe that they should be demanding that the Administration appoint an independent counsel on this.”

“When you have the Attorney General saying that she is not going to release 27 months of emails between the State Department and foreign countries, regarding the Clinton Foundation, that’s totally been whitewashed,” he charged. “Why are we not asking those questions – why are you doing that? Why are you suppressing open records for 27 months, on the most important issue going into this election? And the Congress, the leadership of the Republican Party, is doing nothing. I would be demanding every day – I would be standing up at a press conference every day, demanding an independent counsel on this one issue, and the Republican Party is nowhere to be seen.”

SiriusXM host Alex Marlow asked Harvey for his message to conservatives who are seeking a “third way” to vote in the election, because they aren’t comfortable with voting for Donald Trump.

Harvey related his own history in the 2016 election, first as part of Senator Rand Paul’s campaign, then as a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz after Paul dropped out. “As soon as Trump was the nominee, he is the only option we have left to make sure that Hillary Clinton never steps foot in the White House again,” he declared. “The StopHillaryPAC, and myself as chairman, have endorsed Donald Trump, because we want to save our country. We want to take our country back. It is a fact that if you are not voting for the Republican nominee, you are not stopping Hillary Clinton from becoming President of the United States.”

“We have now got a petition going out to demand that Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican Party, fully fund the campaign for Donald Trump, or resign,” Harvey announced. “That is his Number One job, as the chairman of the RNC, is to win the election for the Republican nominee for President of the United States. And we as the Republican Party, we as conservatives, if we want to save our country, we must vote for Donald Trump to get him elected, and make sure that Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States.”

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