Historian Patrick K. O’Donnell Recalls Stories of Pearl Harbor Veterans

John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Combat historian and bestselling author Patrick K. O’Donnell, who has written seven books on World War II, among others, recalled some of more than five thousand interviews with World War II veterans throughout the years during his interview Wednesday with Breitbart News Daily Sirius XM host Matt Boyle.

“Several of those veterans were at Pearl Harbor, and their reflections and remembrances are something that always stay in my mind,” said O’Donnell.

“They are some of the most remarkable people that I’ve ever had a chance to encounter,” he added. “One of them that really stands out is a guy by the name of Lloyd Smith, and he was at Pearl Harbor and saw the planes coming in and recalled that in vivid detail.”

O’Donnell went on to recall a story of how Smith, who served in the Office of Strategic Services during WWII, won the Distinguished Service Cross for rescuing approximately 25 Army nurses who had gone down in a plane crash behind enemy lines in 1943.

O’Donnell also had the opportunity to interview many Marines who were on ships at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

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