Michelle Malkin: ‘Lazy Lemmings’ of Establishment Media Can’t Keep Up with Breitbart News, Conservative Review

Michelle Malkin
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Author Michelle Malkin, senior editor at Conservative Review, talked with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily about the launch of her Michelle Malkin Investigates video series.

“We launched last Monday, so all of the episodes that I’ve produced are available for immediate viewing,” said Malkin. “CRTV.com is a subscription-based Internet news and opinion entertainment network. We’re going to have a lot of different offerings for people who are sick and tired of superficial sound bites, and the same yammering talking heads that get recycled and bounced between the same four or five shows on cable TV.”


She offered a discount code, MALKINTOUR, to give new subscribers a holiday discount at CRTV.com. The code is named after her tour of the country during the past two weeks, which is currently rolling through Houston, Texas, en route to Denver, Colorado.

“I think it’s really been a referendum, this past election cycle, on establishment politics, but also on establishment media,” she reflected. “That includes Fox News, where I worked for 13 years. I don’t think any one channel is immune to this. It’s so formulaic, and so lazy. It’s not just an ideological problem of bias; it’s that you have these lazy lemmings who won’t do on-the-ground reporting. That’s really where I’ve cut my teeth. I’ve been in this business for 25 years. I finally have the time, and the space, and the backing to do what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Boyle applauded her framing of “establishment media” instead of the widely used “mainstream media” because they’ve grown very distant from genuine mainstream thought, arguing that outlets like Breitbart News and Conservative Review are the true “mainstream” media. He suggested a good measurement of whether a particular media organization is really “mainstream” is its degree of surprise at the outcome of the 2016 election.

“I like that. You’re absolutely right,” Malkin said with a laugh. “They are not the mainstream. I think that the power of alternative media – going back to talk radio, which really is the godfather of alternative media – we are the mainstream. You’re exactly right. What they’ve done is marginalize and demonize ordinary, average, working people, hard-working law-abiding people, who have a sense of moral decency and a compass that these people have clearly lost.”

“The topics that we’re covering, of course, are the same kinds that Breitbart has been fearless in covering,” she said. “Whether it’s immigration, open borders, the bloody consequences – and not just illegal immigration; I think that even now there’s been a reluctance to cover the consequences of mass immigration without that qualifier ‘illegal.’ And certainly Breitbart has been at the forefront of pushing those boundaries that few others in any media, mainstream or not, will cover.”

“The other thing that has been near and dear to my heart is covering law enforcement. Over the course of this past eight years, of course, the massive increase in the number of deadly police ambushes – 167 percent since 2014 – but it’s not just that kind of overt violence. There are cases of massive miscarriages of justice,” said Malkin.

“The most important story I’ve ever covered in my career is the subject of a two-part miniseries within the four episodes we’ve released on Daniel Holtzclaw,” she said. “Nobody else will ask these questions. It’s not just a matter of ideology. We went to Oklahoma over this weekend, which was the one-year anniversary of the verdict in that case involving Daniel Holtzclaw, who was accused of really heinous-sounding sexual assaults.”

“I believe that the case was manufactured against him because there was this need to satiate the appetite of the social-justice mob,” Malkin declared. “The trial took place in the immediate aftermath of the Ferguson riots. The local media there is more interested in trading access, and sucking up, and being sycophants to the police brass, then they are in uncovering this huge case. I mean, it’s such a huge opportunity for an enterprising reporter! Apparently there are none in Oklahoma.”

Looking ahead, Malkin predicted that “what we’ve seen in the newspaper business over the last quarter-century – and that’s where I started my career – is exactly what’s going to happen to broadcast media.”

“People who ignore their own viewers and subscribers, the people who pay them for their products, are going to eventually die out. That’s what’s happened with the newspaper industry. Your question was, are they ever going to learn? Not until it’s too late,” she told Boyle.

“What did CNN do?” she asked. “CNN, which had a contributor that conspired to leak questions to Hillary Clinton through an intermediary that was one of these diversity news networks – TV One, which deserves an investigation on its own, and I have started looking, believe me. What did they do after the election? They awarded radical Marxist cop-bashing Van Jones an entire platform to do a documentary-style news magazine, in which he Van-splained to America why people voted for Trump. What the…?”

She agreed with Boyle that the inflexibility of the establishment media would make it easier for truly mainstream media outlets like Breitbart News and Conservative Review to continue growing.

“It does give us boundless opportunities to beat them at their own game, to show them up, to expose their hypocrisy, their double standards, their laziness, their incompetence, and really an institutional malpractice that has plagued every aspect of the American media for the last 25, 30 years,” she said.

“Fake news? Really? They’re doubling and tripling down on that? And the people that are wagging their fingers the hardest are people like Lyin’ Brian Williams, Dan ‘Rathergate’ Rather, and Martha ‘Boo Hoo Sobbing’ Raddatz? Really? It is appalling,” Malkin said with disgust.

“I would think there’s also an opportunity here for some great psychologists to come in and diagnose these pathologies and give them some sense of prescription for their own survival and self-preservation,” she added.

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