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police shootings

Chicago Police Commander Shot Dead

Paul Bauer, a 31-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department and commander of the Near North District died of multiple gunshot wounds after he was attacked outside Chicago’s iconic downtown Thompson Center Tuesday.

Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer

Suspect had Hand on Gun, MN Cop on Trial for Murder Testifies

The Minnesota police officer on trial for murder in the shooting death of a black motorist testified the subject had his hand on a gun. A Facebook video live streamed by the victim’s girlfriend in the car immediately after the man was shot went viral.


AP: How Sympathetic Whites Are Helping to Fuel Racial Change

After standing silently on the sidelines, some whites who agree with demands by civil rights activists for greater police reforms say they’re being spurred to action following this summer’s fatal shootings of black men by officers in Minnesota and Louisiana and the deadly retaliation attacks on police in Texas and Louisiana.

black lives matter black power blm

Poll: Americans’ Satisfaction with U.S. Plummets by 12 Percentage Points Over a Single Month

Gallup reports that just 17 percent of Americans are satisfied with the status quo in the U.S., down 12 percentage points from the 29 percent satisfaction rate the polling firm logged in June. The 12 percent point decline is one of the the largest drops in satisfaction over a single month since Gallup first started gauging monthly satisfaction levels in 2001.

Hundreds of people line up to attend a job fair on April 18, 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Midtown in New York City. The event was held by National Career Fairs which expected some 700 job seekers would come to meet 20 potential employers. (Photo by

7 Facts About the Baton Rouge Cop Killer Gavin Long

An ex-marine turned militant radical, identified by investigators as Gavin Eugene Long, murdered three Baton Rogue, Louisiana, police officers Sunday, leaving three more in critical condition in the latest ambush assault on law enforcement officers in recent weeks.

Gavin Long

Five Attempt to Shoot Police Officers in D.C.

Five were arrested early Tuesday morning in Washington, D.C., after police officers were shot at from persons in an SUV. The officers were attempting to make an arrest.

A police officer stands guard at the US Capitol complex in Washington, DC on March 28, 2016 after reports of shots fired

Houston Police Show Restraint in Two Officer-Involved Shootings Over Weekend

HOUSTON, Texas – Police officers in Houston showed restraint in two separate shooting incidents that occurred in the wake of the slaughter of five Dallas-area police officers. In one incident a man who fired several shots at police was safely taken into custody while in a second, the suspect was shot after repeatedly ignored orders to drop the handgun he had in his hand.

Houston Police

Chicago Police Release Video of Teen’s Shooting Death

The city of Chicago was on edge Tuesday evening as the Chicago Police Department prepared to release a video of the death of 17-year-old Laquan MacDonald, who was shot 16 times by Officer Jason Van Dyke in October last year. The teen was black, the officer white.

Jason Van Dyke shooting Laquon McDonald in Chicago (Screenshot / YouTube / DNAInfo / Chicago PD)

Texas Police Officer Shot in Back Following Traffic Stop

A Houston police officer was shot in the back following a “routine traffic stop” near the Midtown area. The officer did not sustain a life-threatening injury and is expected to make a complete recovery.

Houston Police Officer Shot - KTRK

Race Activists Try to Exploit Texas Biker Shootout, Fail

Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter wasted absolutely no time trying to twist Sunday’s Waco, Texas gun battle between biker gang members into a story that fits their narrative of perpetual, systematic racism against black Americans.

Waco Shooting

LAPD Shoots Homeless Man

On Sunday, an apparently homeless man was shot and killed by Los Angeles police as he resisted attempts to subdue him. LAPD spokesman Sgt. Barry Montgomery said around noon the police arrived in response to a robbery call on 911. Montgomery said that LAPD officers used a Taser, although it was unclear whether the man, whose street nickname was “Africa,” was struck by the Taser.

Chief Beck, LAPD (Damain Dovarganes / Associated Press)

CA Lawmaker: Local District Attorneys Too Often Give Police Benefit of Doubt

California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) believes local district attorneys too often give police the benefit of the doubt in investigations where police fatally shoot suspects, and he wants to remedy that by adding an oversight board to impartially investigate every shooting.

AP Photo/The Sacramento Bee, Randy Pench

Two More Cops Shot in New York City

The New York Post reports Monday night’s shooting in the Bronx as “another bloody attack on New York’s Finest.”