Frank Gaffney: Media Mock Trump’s Sweden Comment to Deflect Attention from Migrant Crisis in Europe


On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host Alex Marlow discussed the riots by migrant mobs in Sweden with Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy.

Marlow called the failure of mass immigration there “one of the under-reported stories in the media.”

“I’ve said on the show before, telling the truth about Islam has become ‘hate speech’ now, so you’re not allowed to talk candidly about the fact that Sweden used to be one of the safest places on the planet, now is the rape capital of Europe, and it’s overwhelmingly because of lax immigration and migration vetting, and policies that allow for other countries to essentially get overrun,” he argued.

“I’m afraid, if anything, you’re understating the problem,” Gaffney responded. “It’s a very damning indictment. I don’t mean to suggest it isn’t enough. It’s just that it’s not sufficient for an accurate understanding of what’s happening. That country is being taken down, Alex, and unfortunately it’s kind of the leading edge of what is happening in Germany and the Netherlands and a lot of other places besides.”

“These are countries that have explicitly decided, government-level, that they were not going to preserve, let alone actively defend, their national character and identity,” he said. “They were going to change it by bringing in enormous numbers of people who were very much not part of that identity, that cultural tradition, or the kind of beliefs and values that have been associated with these places over the years.”

He agreed with Marlow that the story has been “terribly under-reported.”

“I think the kinds of criticism of Trump, as is so often the case, is intended to sort of deflect attention from a real problem by criticizing him over a shade of the characterization of the problem that some people find poor. The reality is bad enough,” he said.

“We really must, as a nation that is in the midst – as you know, you’re documenting it daily – of its own debate about whether we should be bringing in more people who don’t share our values, more people who – among them is sharia supremacists – who are determined to change our country, to destroy our constitutional republic as we’ve known it because they consider it to be at odds with their beliefs,” Gaffney urged.

“That is something, if we’re not paying attention to what it looks like when you see it playing out in exactly the way these guys have in mind for us, whether it’s elsewhere in Europe or for that matter, other parts of the world, well, shame on us. I think it’s our duty, certainly in the Breitbart community – and I’m very proud to be part of it – to be holding up the lantern for that kind of close examination, and I thank you for doing it,” he said.

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