Tim Lee: Trump Should Focus on Tax Cuts, Not Deficit

Donald Trump has insisted that he will release his taxes, but only after the Internal Revenue Service completes its audit
Getty/Getty Images/File Scott Olson

Tim Lee, senior vice president of Legal and Public Affairs for Center for Individual Freedom, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow broadcasting from CPAC on Thursday to discuss the Trump presidency, tax policy, and the Dakota Access Pipeline, among other topics.

Given that the United States currently has the world’s highest corporate tax rate, Lee pointed out that there’s “even some consensus on the Left” that Trump needs to move forward with tax cuts. “There’s a consensus it needs to be done, but figuring out how to do it, that’s the big issue” in Congress, said Lee.

“We’ve got to keep a fire lit under them,” he added. Lee also discussed the deficit at length. “If we focus too much on the deficit and coming up with a net zero, then you start to open the door to more taxes because you think the deficit’s more important than growth,” said Lee.

Lee added, “Growth is more important.”

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