Forgotten No Longer: Pennsylvania Breitbart Readers Praise Trump Paris Decision

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Several Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM listeners from Pennsylvania called in to host Joel Pollak on Friday to express their support for President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accords.

Caller Ken said, “I used to work in a coal mine. Coal operators, their biggest fear and why they’re afraid to make major investments, is because they’re afraid the Democrats will get back in office and all their investments will be wasted. And that’s the biggest inhibitor to growth right now.”

Caller Westin said of the climate accord, “The one thing we’re missing, it’s done with malice. This isn’t bad policy by making a mistake. It’s bad policy by choice and purpose. We have to look at what is their objective. Their objective is to pass money around, redistribute wealth, of course. But the real diabolical purpose is to crush the middle class in this country.”

Westin also pointed to the post-election backlash against the middle class for voting for Trump.

Chris, calling from Pennsylvania, said, “All of these deals, it seems as if they work against the United States, our industry, etc.” He added, “Mr. Trump, yesterday, talked about all of the negative things that would happen to various sectors in the economy, and my point is, these mega-rich left people, lefties, who rabidly support all these accords, I would think they would know what’s going on on the inside. And then as soon as Obama says, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re on board,’ perhaps they are shorting a portfolio of energy companies, for instance, or mining companies.”

Chris suggested, “They take their money and run. Then we’re left holding the bag.”

Caller Louis said he liked to call global warming “global communism.”

“It’s a redistribution of wealth,” said Louis, “of them taking the money to give it to their good old boy system, mostly to people like Al Gore and whoever they arranged to take the money. And I don’t think that taxpayers should take this on our shoulders so a bunch of guys can drive around in nice cars.

He also said people need to look at the science and not the hype and that the climate has always been changing and will continue to change, regardless of what man does.

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