Kris Kobach: Republicans Who Voted Against Obamacare Repeal Showed Their True Colors

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told Breitbart News Daily on Thursday that he was troubled by Wednesday’s Obamacare vote, in which six senators who supported repeal under President Barack Obama changed their minds and voted to preserve the program.

“As you know, it only got 45 votes, but it should have had at least 51 because there were six Republican senators who voted for the clean repeal in 2015 when they knew it wasn’t going to have the president’s signature, so it wasn’t going to become law,” he told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow.

“So they took a show vote in 2015 to fool their constituents into thinking that yes, they, too, opposed Obamacare enough to just get rid of it, regardless of what replaces it. Now, when the vote happens in a way that would be signed by the president, those six Republicans show their true colors and don’t vote to repeal Obamacare,” said Kobach.

“That galls me because politicians who do one thing to create a false impression for their own constituents, and then when the truth comes out, they vote the opposite way, I just think that is a perfect example of the culture of corruption,” he charged. “Politicians who are deceiving their own constituents, and then when the rubber hits the road and they have to take a vote that could become law, they go 180 degrees the other direction, it’s just absolutely outrageous, and six Republicans did this.”

Marlow said the cowardice and hypocrisy were bad enough to make him want to “throw out the whole party and start over.”

“I hear you,” Kobach replied, although he disagreed with trashing the entire GOP because there were “45 good ones who stayed true to the word.” He added, “Certainly, the Democrats aren’t going to help us repeal this first step on the road to socialism known as Obamacare.”

“I don’t want to throw out the whole party, but what I really hate are people who claim to be carrying a conservative Republican banner because as someone who was on the platform committee and helped draft the Republican platform of 2016, it is a very conservative platform,” he pointed out.

“These people sing the song when they can take a vote that’s not going to become law, but then they show their true colors, and their true colors are they’re pretty darn close to the Democrats, at least in the sense that they don’t want to just get rid of Obamacare, and at the bare minimum, return to the previous status quo,” Kobach said.

“It’s just so deceptive to the voters. I don’t care whether that comes from a Republican, a conservative like me, or a Democrat. You do that and you’re not fit to serve, in my book,” he declared.

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