‘Let Trump Be Trump’ Authors Lewandowski and Bossie Ditched Megyn Kelly’s NBC Show to Appear on Breitbart News Daily Radio: ‘Your Ratings Are Ten Times Higher Than Hers’

Collage of David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, co-authors of the new book Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency, told SiriusXM hosts Alex Marlow and Steve Bannon they ditched Megyn Kelly’s NBC morning show to appear on Tuesday morning’s Breitbart News Daily instead.

“You got yourselves booked on Megyn Kelly today, and then you canceled on it,” Marlow marveled. “It’s all over the Internet now. I think it’s a brilliant P.R. move. I don’t know how this happened.”

“We’d rather be with you guys!” Lewandowski exclaimed. “Plus your ratings are ten times higher than hers, don’t worry.”

“I’ll tell you, NBC had promised us that they would do certain things if we came on Meet the Press and the Today show yesterday,” Bossie explained. “To be quite honest, they didn’t live up to their end when it came to Sunday Night Football.

“That had nothing to do with the Megyn Kelly thing, but we don’t feel guilty about it,” he clarified. “We got double-booked, and we’re here instead. That’s life sometimes.”

“Megyn Kelly is getting the lowest ratings in more than a decade for the Today show, okay?” Lewandowski pointed out to considerable mirth from the rest of the interview group. “Seven people are watching it right now, and you got 20 million listeners over here. I’ll take my chances with Let Trump Be Trump right here, baby.”

Bannon said this media strategy was perfectly consistent with the “very cocky” tone of Let Trump Be Trump, and, indeed, with the tone of the campaign which Bossie and Lewandowsky chronicled.

“This is MAGA,” he declared, suggesting the book as an ideal Christmas gift for relatives who dislike President Trump. “I think it’s going to flip 20 percent of the Trump-haters.”

“I love Steve’s idea to buy it for everybody who doesn’t like the president,” Bossie said. “I love the idea of giving it as a gift for people who do love the president because this is the inside story. It is a great story of the man’s rise to the presidency, and you’re going to love the read.”

“It reads so well. We’re very proud of this book. We worked with a gentleman to help us because two clowns like us really couldn’t put pen to paper this well. Brian, we give our colleague all the credit for how it reads,” he said.

“This is our story and Steve’s story and Kellyanne’s story and Corey’s story, all together,” Bossie said.

“And our families,” Lewandowski added. “Gosh, you’ve got to remember, Dave’s got four kids. I’ve got four kids. We all sacrificed so much, right? We’re not here to talk about that because everyone makes sacrifices, but it was a big deal.”

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