12-Year-Old Breitbart Radio Caller: End Child Labor Laws ‘So I Can Work with My Dad’

Father And Son At The Park (Photo: Jon Akhtar/Flickr)
Jon Akhtar/Flickr

“Child labor says say I can’t go to work with [my dad],” said 12-year-old Tyler from Texas, a young caller to Thursday’s Breitbart News Tonight on SiriusXM.

Tyler lamented the legal mandate that he wait until age thirteen for permission to work in his father’s septic sanitation business.

“So my dad just opened his new company, and I always wanted to go to work with him, but child labor laws say I can’t go to work with anybody [age] thirteen and up – with the exception of farmland, and [my dad] doesn’t own farmland, so I wonder why I can’t do it,” said Tyler.

Federal labor laws generally prohibit children under the age of 14 from working. Texas’ state laws also broadly restrict employment for children under the age of 14.

Breitbart News Tonight co-host Rebecca Mansour advised Tyler to enjoy his childhood.

“Here’s the thing, Tyler. You will become old enough very soon to haul equipment at the septic company, which I’m sure your dad will leave to you because you’re his son. I’m sure it’ll be a family business. Enjoy your childhood while you have the chance, you know, have some fun. You’ll grow up soon enough, and we want you to enjoy yourself. We want you to have fun as a kid,” said Mansour.

Earlier in the show, Mansour had highlighted child labor laws as examples of valuable regulations while challenging Ayn Randian libertarianism.

“Those are some tough kids in Texas,” noted Mansour after Tyler’s call.

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