Sonnie Johnson: If Oprah Combines ‘Economic Message’ with Culture, GOP Won’t ‘Have a Chance in Hell’ in 2020

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Republicans and the broader conservative movement must not underestimate the political potential of Oprah Winfrey as a Democrat presidential contender in 2020, said Breitbart News’s Sonnie Johnson on Monday.

Johnson offered her analysis of Winfrey’s political potential on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight, hosted by Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

“Republicans are not going to have a chance in hell” of defeating Winfrey as a presidential candidate in 2020 if the talk show celebrity successfully fuses an “economic message” with her “cultural powerhouse” assets, said Johnson:

If you would’ve asked why Hillary Clinton lost, you know, lazy, bad candidate, all of those things; she did not have an economic message. She did not have an intellectual message. The thing I stress so much on Sonnie’s Corner is a mix of culture and intellect. One by itself cannot win the day. You have to have both of them, and what Hillary Clinton lacked was the intellectual argument.

Coming in with Oprah, a lot of the same things that people loved about Donald Trump, not just the cultural aspect of it, the success aspect of it, they see all those same things in Oprah, and if she can match an [economic] intellectual message with the cultural powerhouse that she is, Republicans are not going to have a chance in hell because every single opportunity they have to embrace any kind of culture, they find a way to demoralize, to limit, and discredit anybody in the cultural sphere that would stand up and actually insert opinion into the conversation. Just because right now those opinions don’t agree with you, if you did some actual work on this battlefield you would have more of those voices who would stand up with us instead of constantly resisting against us.

“Black women are the bread and butter of the Democratic Party,” said Johnson, expressing some agreement with a key point in an op-ed from The Daily Beast’s Touré Neblett titled “Oprah 2020 Is No Joke—This Really Could Work.”

“They show up every single election,” Johnson said. “Even a lot in midterms, a lot of what the Democrats procure vote-wise is black women. They’re very active for the Democratic Party. That is the truth.”

Republicans and the broader conservative movement, said Johnson, must spread their political values and vision among blacks, calling on President Donald Trump to directly address blacks in these realms: “It’s the buy-in. Trump today goes in and talks to the farmers, because he made promises to the farmers about what he was going to do. I have still yet to see him talk go to black people about anything.”

Conversely, leftists are evangelizing “Bernie Sanders democratic socialism” to blacks, said Johnson: “Right now, [Nina Turner] is head of Our Revolution, and she is going around the country doing the grassroots work. She is going around the country doing the on-the-ground work to spread democratic socialism in America, especially in the black community. We’re not talking about it hiding in the shadows, anymore. We’re talking about open Bernie Sanders full-blown democratic socialism, and they are spending their time right now while we are distracted by the Resistance, and we are distracted by the nonsense and noise, they are actually on the ground in college campuses, in black communities, spreading democratic socialism.”

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